Thursday, 3 December 2015

The beauty of the Nijum dip a silent forest

We went there before, But it is a shadow memory now. One day last October, we went the silent Island again. We were four in number. We started our journey by a boat(locally called lonch) from Dhaka. It was very comfortable until we reach the shipyard of Hatiya named Tamaruddi. Then one and half an hour journey to Moktar Ghat. Now we have to cross the Moktar khal towards our destination Nijum Dip. As there was no available passengers, the boat (trolar) was late. But we enjoyed the time eating chicken fry one of our friend brought from home. It is only takes 5 minutes to cross the Moktar khal. The name of the area is Bondor tila Bazar where we get down from the tollar. The country's main towns the Nama Bazar is a little way out from there. It is just takes 20 minutes to go down by the bike. As the way forward towards the front, the roads look like a snake. Everything is green and green around the road. At last when we reached the Jilla Porishad Dakbanglo(rest house), there was already sun set. We're tired of traveling that night to sleep in a little early.
The next morning started badly. Sunrise plans to wake up at five o'clock, then walking. I went to see the sunrise at pathasobha dhanakhete pearl farms. Sunrise Sunrise was laid before the arrival. We see the sun yolk yolk of freedom fighters standing in the marketplace. I spend some time in the neighborhood, like the sunrise from there. They highly appreciate the question and the type of knot of villagers. The villagers pay all curiosity about eight o'clock in the morning, then walk back to the den. Quick feet moved to the sidelines. After a while, go out again. The deer are finding our destination Osman Char, Char Char orange and poets. Silent villages of the island is very beautiful name. Freedom, sunrise, chayabithi, cluster villages, hajigrama, Medina, bandhakhali, dhanasimri, etc. usher.
Whitening morning. Leisure time out pipilika duck was good at heart. Ate breakfast in the hotel market started to get out of default. The boat rented for the day. A few minutes from the canal in a small boat riding basatei boat broke into the Meghna River. Nazim surprise face. He said of the surprise, but this is the river
Drain the division. Nazim said everyone got into laughter!
So we kept walking. Not a cloud in the sky sun vigor, there's no wind. Rub rub it on the air and catch fish at a time when spies kabirate moved. The importance of small crabs run feed. Nazmul see the bird down, sir. I stood on the bank of the importance of silence. I looked back again. Here's how dirty plants. Keorasaha scattered around different trees looked worn and would not mind to go too far. Plants in soil or sand from the riverbank has moved out of the roots. Then I heard there is the deer, but I did not want to waste time kabirate spies. We went back passenger trawler. Orange went out to pasture. The herd of sheep in the field, there is great. There is no one standing in the middle of a keoragacha stretch. We end up in the shadow of keoragachera provisions cakes and eat caraway apetala enter the forest.
Sbasamula protective walking deep in the forest. What is not understood before, that turns the sky for long keoragachera not all. It was very good for us, the water has run out. When it was sunny, hot, thirsty and would have been. However, looking at the deer walk by. Nazim from the side that is going to say, "I have great hope that we will see the deer in the forest." Rajiv Russell caraway fruit to eat on the side of the question, "What are we going to be disappointed," aloof lamp! We were genuinely disappointed. Calm part of the island, orange and spies or keoragacha forest, deer, deer, our eyes were the footprints. We had deer walk about 1 km janla the return of the sun from the west tilted head. The Orange canal trawler was a passenger. But the moment a bunch of wild dogs have never found the deer forest, the foxes have been seen. Goats, sheep, saw higher. The family saw the fisherman. Then the deer's footprints in the body shiver played. Nazmul Haque disappointed with the comfort-prakrtira not ask for anything, the nature of the throttle while the hand filled. "Apetala walking into the forests as a receipt. Take this time I got a fish. From the barely open net fish. He's the one wish left-grade fish (weighing 800 grams or more of ilisake grade fish) is purchased at 1200. Our silent visit to the island to meet and fresh fish ilisadhara eat fried things, one of the most memorable events in life!

Useful Information :
If you go to the island Nijum Dip, you have to take boat(lonch) from SodorGhat, Dhaka. Farhan-2 and Farhan-3 launch daily moving From SodorGhat to Hatiya.
The time of the departure is afternoon 5 o’clock. Then from Tamaruddi, Hatiya to Moktar Ghat by motor bike or auto rickshaw(one and half hour journey). From there Bondor Tila Bazar is a 5 minutes way by trolar. Then 20 minutes way to Nama bazar by motor bike. If you want you can go directly from Tamaruddi,Hatiya to Nama Bazar by trolar(boat). It would take two to three hours if the river tide. The rent of the trolar would be 4 thousand If reserve.
The quality of the food, but fresh fish and local chickens will yemanatemana. There is also a hotel stay. Bungalow resort district council. The rest of the forest, and some residential systems have their own silent islander. Solar and generator electricity to say. Generator for the water withdrawals. So the thought of one of these facilities and the accommodation in the island, passengers will be silent. Noakhali to the island bus can go silent. Do not forget to eat buffalo yogurt Hatiar.
Another thing, you move a little to the market in front of a bridge across the beach to get the silent island.
Calm mangrove forests across the island to watch the sunset on the beach, go back in time, but once!

Thursday, 29 October 2015

The beautiful sajek valley

Sajeka Baghaichori a union of Rangamati district. The biggest union sajeka size large, larger than many of the district. From its location in the north-east of Khagrachhari district. It means that the place of the originals sajeka 'ruilui' and 'kanlaka' the two settlements, the local language, 'neighborhood'. Basically its height from sea level to 1800 phutasajeke Lushai, pankhoya and Tripura to Mizoram border, a distance of 10 kimikamala karesajeka in Aboriginal culture sajeka famous for.
Sajeka a place where the best of luck in the 4 hours you'll be able to see the nature of the three rupai. Never too hot, a little later, maybe around the tree after rain and fog would cover sheet. Thanks to this remote mountain curaya night when solarera lamp illuminates when there is an extraordinary situation. Light Road many kids sat down with a book or playing with the totally light up inside. Sajeke 3 pm to 3 am the beauty of the three types of Halley pad. Ruilui be able to walk the walk, you can go far in this paratio kamalam many beautiful and is doing up. Do not forget to eat the orange orange season. The best orange orange sajekera. Bangladesh army could ruilui Dara has been claimed for the residents of a small tata. Beautiful towels, garment found here.

When to go: Only the best for traveling the winter. And if you want to see the true beauty of the mountains and the adventure was the favorite to come during the rainy season.

Where to Stay: Runamaya Resort: This is the end of the laying of the Bangladesh Army conducted a resort ruilui. There is room pamcatibhara 4450-4950 takatenta Resort runamayera in front of the four Trent, each of the four karekhabara the Trent 2850 to thekebhara runamaya money supply. (A few days ago had kalabaisakhite the bhengecure. The storm season is not to be)Sajeka Resort: Army-run resort is located in the center of the neighborhood ruilui. 1000012000 caratibhara and 15,000 Bdt per room.Runamaya Resort, Resort and Trent Booking sajeka all data (rock-sajek) get on.Alo Resort: The Alo resort is derected by a non-governmental organization. The resort is clean and tidy. US ruilui neighborhood sajeka resort samaneibhara 1000 Bdt for Double room and single room 700 Bdt.Booking for Alo resort; ruilui, sajek: 01863 606906  
Head office: 01755 556699   Tel: 0371-62067
Club House:
Semi-ripe field as a club for the people that were there in the Army, but more tourists, or just someone who wants to be here to give yayabichanapatra keyaratekarai, hire caretakers would say 150200takakhabarera system, will cost 150 pratibela
Rs 00. Students / people are to live in a rough process when they can be ruilui-clubhouse. There are some spaces in front of the place. Barabi the queue / music arathata perfect for fun. If you want to make the camping parabenakyampim themselves to a lot of country ruilui rayechetabe beautiful camping spot will be before the security forces.

Where to eat:
Sajeka Resort, Resort runamaya, Trent and light meals without resort to resort facilities without the caretaker of the house in habeklaba parabenaechara to arrange a meal with people who do camping or stay out of the hotel they managed to indigenous duekata Maruti hotel to eat more, but two hours pratibela to order food before habekharaca 150200takarisorta runamaya and directed Army canteen food order, but they would be a little more, but the price comparisons.Before the food system can communicate. People can even lower over. Rice + vegetables, he said, the system may resort tatyabadhane fish / meat is brought to the market macalam. All are better than one night without sajeka.

Spectacular Location surroundings:
On the way to Dighinala sajeka 8kimi Hajachara away Dighinala-sajeka Road next to the fountain can be seen, the main road you will get to meet this wonderful fountain hatalei 10-15 minutes.There is a tremendous spring of taiduchara dighinalaya, but when you see it you have to set aside a day just to walk to the fountain janyadighinalara jamatali wins this spring to take the time to go around 67ghantadighinala jamatali ijibaike from the bus station, rent During the course of the spring with 10 takaei pratijana enough dry food to take, because the store neitaiduchara spring after jamatalira wins to take the local or someone who knows the way to go down to habedighinala-sajeka Road nandarame sijuka 1 and II spring, the time it will take to walk 6-8 hours, and the guide will go with the meal, of course. There is no separate market or neiruilui sajeka the neighborhood and the resort has three helipad dokanaei neighborhood and park in the army. Ruilui sajekera enjoy the beauty of the neighborhood and the neighborhood kanlaka kanlaka from thekeruilui to walk the neighborhood, or if the car was taken to the car, the distance of two km Prayapurotai raw sarakakanlake in the lusaidera, now there are some families in Tripura's tribal pankhoya got to meet a lot going kanlake karachecara years ago, now they are saying to the mountains more than gahine lusaidera gechesthaniya gone public like this karenatai They are due to start asayaoya more tourists to gahine more yayasajekera somehow beautiful morning, afternoon and another at night, in the light of the moon is not walking the streets sunasana sajekera sajeka bhramanai in vain! sajekera to enjoy the beauty of the at least one to two days while habesajeka sitabarsara tupatapa good during monsoon and rain, the clouds and come down to become the queen of the hill around the green as the sajeka uthesitera kuyasadhaka sajeka different things beautiful again.

How to go:
Dhaka esaalama, ikono, peace, Saudia, the Eagle, and St. Martin's AC and non-AC buses Shyamoli is Khagrachori. Darshan discount from 11 am to 9 pm, and sayedabada. Khagrachori reached at 7 am -8. AC 520 and AC 700 takakhagarachari not hire buses to return at 11 am, 3 pm and 9 pm. Khagrachori peace dighinala the decision at 8am in the 30's. Achebhara live in peace day or night, more than 580 non-AC and AC-650 takaphirati 10 at 7pm in the car. Shyamoli from Rangpur, peace and non-AC and AC BRTC car from Chittagong to return charecattagramera morning from 8 am to 8 pm.Girls' trip to Rangamati, Khagrachhari sajeka facility. Just for sajekera (who will risam alutila or not), however, like to go to dighinala.Khagrachori asabenah who was coming in-to-Khagrachori esaalama, Saudia, eagle, peace and non-AC Shyamoli and St. Martin, BRTC has AC buses. Khagrhachharhi dighinala from the bus / Chander a car / auto service. Chander bus garite non scaffolding 45 / - per person. Dighinala Chander car or motor bikes can take in relation to the others. Chand car rental for one day shall be 3000 / - to Rs 5000 for two days / - (to speak) of 1213 can be. Motor bikes are echara apadauna from 700 in 1000 will receive.Rangamati Rangamati asabenah the road from the river lancayoge or go Baghaichharhi. Every day from 7.30 am to launch the reserve market launch in 10.30 hour left. Rental 150250 rupees apiece. It takes 5-6 hours. From 7.30 am to 8.30 hour from the bus terminal in buses, hire 00 rupees apiece. It takes 6-7 hours. Chittagong is also possible to go directly from the Baghaichharhi. You can go directly to cover Baghaichharhi. Baghaichari the jeep (cademra car) or a motorcycle to reach sajeka Valley. 300 Bdt per person.
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