Thursday, 27 March 2014

Brackish water crocodile giving egg in the high mountain. Lots of People are gathering there to see the crocodile's play. In the Remote hill district of Bandarban 'Naiksyanchari' on the mountains ghumdhum  built a crocodile breeding centre in the 25 acres of land named "Akij Wild Life Firm Limited".

When we visiting there in the Monday afternoon saw walking hundreds of crocodiles on the farm in high mountain . Bank of the lake down the hill - the eyes of a crocodile . Eggs are one of the farm workers , some kumirake feeding chickens . Tourists traveling from a safe distance tulachilena esaberai images .

Farm project director Anwar Hossain said , brought from Malaysia, 50 in 010 of these projects start out with salt water crocodiles . 31 of 50 female crocodiles croc farm . Now that the wife has kumirera the eggs hatch has over 100 children .

Officials farm , June 15, 4 pm eggs has only a kumirai . A further 14 female crocodiles are waiting to spawn . Crocodile eggs together until 30 to 50 hours . Still, once a year . During spawning the crocodile came up ashore and form a nest with spinach . Then the eggs home . Save the project was to collect eggs from prajananakendre employees . Then the child is depicted eggs with electric means of heat . It takes 80 to 90 days the young hatch in about three months. The croc after 1 year of farm employees .

Also it became known that the 10 -year- old female crocodile eggs are perfect . The child's age is two years to identify the unknown . Crocodile brackish water savings of up to a maximum of 100 years .
Sumon Miah said the crocodile keeper , chicken and minced beef and baraguloke once a day once a week the children are given to eat . One - one and a half kilograms of meat or fish is required . The adult is not allowed to eat kumirake more . If you eat more extra body fat accumulation croc . The wife can not kumirera eggs .

Project director Anwar Hossain said the country's largest commercial purposes prajananakendra this crocodile has been made ​​. There have been at the cost of Rs seven crore . When six years of age will be eligible to sell baby croc . This croc is much in demand in Europe . Each child will be sold offline at the crocodile .

In addition to the bird park and butterfly park project being built around the individual . There are plans to produce a mini- zoo with wild animals , he said. Come see the mountains and the lake water crocodiles free environment dilasada tourists Moghbazar , Dhaka Begum and Mansur Alam said , when I saw it in remote mountain daurajhampa croc was filled with water .

From the city of Cox's Bazar ( Bazar - Teknaf on the road ) , about 40 km south sampracarakendra Ukhiya television . Approximately two kilometers to the east side of the mountain can be achieved by sending the crocodile project . Ramu is going to become . Ramu and Ramu in Cox's Bazaar just 0 km away from the headquarters of more than 50 kilometers away naiksyanchari . The extent to which the front naiksyanchari prajananakendra egolei Crocodile . Cox made ​​the journey in the morning and come back in the afternoon again saw prajananakendra .

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Tarua Island: After many toil we was reached at the wake up island in the south of Bangladesh. In English it is called Virgin sea beach. The day was last 12 September at 9am. The whole beach was shining by the sunlit of the morning. In the away fishing trawlers are looked like black dots. In the behind the caraway Forest welcome us by shake up in the air. This smooth sea beach is the unprecedented creation of the nature. Legs are not getting debased when walking on the ground of the beach, not even a little.

Stiff sandy beach four - five kilometers long . Hour walk to another corner of the sheet is prolonged .
Arrow in the morning on that day due to low tide - was not wetting the waves . The gentle breeze. Sesabhadrera turbid water . During the winter, the water is more transparent . The colors are light blue .
Some of the top beaches in the kamtaoyala natagacha . Between the forest and the beach filled with caraway vast field of grass . Purple flowers in ceremonies dholakalamira jerk . Cows - buffalo herd . Far away from the sea into the limpid air made ​​the book to fill . Spread on the beach near the water - are scattered in sea water flooded logging , wood pieces , glass bottles , plastic cans , foam , etc. . Do not like to draw any of these occur, the evidence is that they are coming here for a long time .
Side - nowhere near the settlements there . East , west and south of the Bay of Bengal jalarasi unfathomable . Just a few kilometers north of the mangrove forest. Fishermen come from Pirate fishing around the islands and beaches of the people do not know much . Caraway wake forest underfoot samudrasaikatake locals know this as taruya Island .

Farooq told the boatman to bring us ciniye , Guest thousands of beach birds during the winter have been vocal in kakalite . Less water than the length of the beach - the width is increased . Became more than a kilometer into the ocean up to the spies .
Sarbadaksinera from Bhola Sadar Upazila caraphyasana distance of about 60 kilometers. There is a distance of 80 kilometers from Chittagong Patenga beach . Local fishermen go off without a naval patrol to haunt this side of the island . They know the island as spies Satyen .
This part of the Bay, numerous small - big dbipasadrsa Pirate aroused. However, this is simply the slope of the shelf south of the island , except the existence of an island beach is not yet known . According to local fishermen , the island in the water at any time of the year is on the floor . However, floods , cyclones and other natural disasters Marine - mentioned disasters .
In February, the elite few journalists and visiting dignitaries to picnic out about this beach . They told him , it's like a beautiful sea beach Cox's Bazar . Another feature of the Kuakata beach here can be seen from the view of sunrise and sunset .
Once I 've forgotten last May . The first of these beaches can learn from the local people . Thinking about going there ever since . But there is no way to forget the people of the city and could batalate provisions . However, the area is very remote and jaladasyukabalita , they gave him the news .
Bhola district Saiful Khandaker Rahman said he heard taruya beach , but never did . He said that the area is safe to just sitakalei . Another time travel becomes hazardous due to rough sea . For without it , offshore , inland transportation Bay - Crossing Charter is required . The Charter does not have any vehicles nauyanerai here .
Bangladesh Tourism Corporation Chairman Maqsudul Hasan said , Bhola said he does not know of any sea beach . Some of them did not inform the district administration in this regard .
MV Tipu port city on the evening of September 10 -4 launches get up . Govinda responsible journalists with friends . Caraphyasana destination . Walked 30 kilometers from the motorcycle elite sarbadaksinera naughata kacchapiyaya deliver . Launch or engines of small boats from the Bay of Bengal to the spies and the island . Kukarimukari Char , Char patila , dhalacara , Char Nizam etc. to the island, the only shortcoming . We get up dhalacaragami a small launches . Ie , dhalacarera is absolutely right up to the beach . Meghna River approximately 30 kilometers to the way we deliver dhalacara lancaghate through the afternoon about three o'clock .
Located at the northern end of the island dhalacara lancaghata and markets . Come here to talk with local people know , there are two ways to the southern end of the island . A walk through the forest , one engine boat . Rains and impassable because of the way we have chosen the second option .
After eating lunch , we took a jelenauka taruya run yaoyaracesta . But fail . The fishermen did not understand , exactly where we want to go . When they found out we 'd go to the southern end of the island , they said , then go away and come back again as there is oil in their boat . Again , therefore, had to cancel their journey .
Getting a boat at the pier in the morning we were leaving hemtei . In that case will go taruya . I started asking people to take guided .
Although some of the settlements at the north side dhalacarera banajangale daksinata Dhaka. After proceeding to the extent seen in one place is pretty big for a canal. Many fishing trawlers canal . Several cushion bank fish . Meghanaya fishermen sell the fish .
Gadira the help of the people found in a fishing boat to bring us to turn taruya . We have a total of three more assistants to his boat without oar Faruk six . After a while the boat through small canals and huge meghanaya we read. Reach the beach after hour .

How to go:
There are caraphyasana launch from Dhaka to navigate . Easy to travel by road from there to kacchapiya . By boat or engine can be launched from kacchapiya dhalacara . Taruya boat from there . And this beach can be reached by boat . So before going to speak with boatmen .

Monday, 17 March 2014

Lots of  hotel. A well-known area of Natore . The primary destination . Natore on 7 December last year went . O'clock in the morning he will wake up at the bus supervisor . Mama has come pacur . Not getting off ? With rubbing my eyes fell down from the bus . The idea is , indeed, a hotel overlooking the spectacular match around . But Surprise to see pacura Nice hotels . One of the most common fencing around the hotel tin . Those waiting for me after some time I got pacura Hotel Mystery sensation Ali feat . To achieve this reputation behind pacura hotels and variety of foods . Balise take a little rest to remain at the head was past 10pm . Digapatiya karalama journey to the landlord of 11 at home , motorcycle Saiful Rahman . Fisheries resources are studied paharapurera boy Mustafiz Natore . He has quite janasona City Lanes . Pacura took 15 minutes to reach the hotel area digapatiya Rajbari . Admiration and spectacular entrance of the house gave digapatiya overload . Have stood at the entrance to the stone tracery of the extraordinary architecture of the century witnessed .

There are places in the middle of the century old deyalaghari placement , which is still tick tick showing just the right time . Dhukatei inside large flower kurnisa brauniya say happy jahampanara return . If we look at the inner walls of the palace of Queen Vabani nobility layer . The Queen was a British colony broke an overload. The name of the inheritance of the town hall of the palace . Uttara prime entrance ticket price of Rs 10 .

Natore Rajbari next journey . The royal palace in the city . This castle was built in the seventeenth century, King Ramjiban widen the area . Separate multiple marriage palace was built for the Queen Ramjiban each . There is no fee to enter the royal palace . It is open to the public from dawn to dusk . Another special attraction of this palace, as well as the beauty of the Coffee House . Far - from remote path itinerant people come here for coffee . Kamcagollara got out of the palace in search of coffee taste . Is not far . Came together to walk 10 minutes mistannabhandara jayakali . Kamcagollara quite a big store. Kamcagolla hot . Then do not say anything . Just eating and eating ....
Except in Natore district of Bangladesh 's biggest bill , Chalanbeel . Monsoon season in the eyes of anyone who looks Chalanbeel digantajure will dhamdhiye .

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Morning starts racing . Instantly ready to get out of the office . To facilitate traffic pass . The various types of office workload . All in all, it seems , thus , does not like anything . If you could find a little peace anywhere. Yantrikata urban life , stress and hectic part of life now . To fix this , you can go to 18 the number of Banani Dhaka street ' Ayurveda Wellness Center " - at .
This center will dhukei quiet side of the lake seems to be a bit tired and went off . According to the doctor just to make any kind of massaging .
Let the words of such abhayangama rub . Tired - sick, it will bring you peace . Be the first rub down with hair oil . The oil will be massaging the whole body . Steam will then be given 10 to 15 minutes . The bath with scrubber . How often do feel the breezy feel of sitting in his cradle drying the hair .
The proprietor of 'Ayurveda Wellness Center' Saroyat Abed said , ' For three years we 've done on Ayurveda . Then I turn it on and let jahida Ispahani together years ago . Frozen soldara , arthraraitisa , back and shoulder pain - is that today, many types of problems . Many of those problems are not getting solved . Goa and Kerala in India saw the Ayurvedic system is to solve these problems . We also studied . Those of us who work here , they are trained to Kerala . And women - male both services are offered . Ill go to the doctor healthy living better than before . ' Night sleep problems , migraine or sinus problems or skin problems - which can be eliminated by the Ayurvedic rub . Please contact us before will have to schedule . Free consultation with the doctor at the scheduled time , then you can take the service . These centers Physicians Atiquzzaman said , ' We are here to be used for massaging the materials , which are completely natural . Massage , facial or hair is yatnai , how to live a healthy life , we are asking those instructions . Ayurveda is not just the outer side of the work , or toxic substances inside the body remove toxins , proper blood circulation in the works . '
Here are the specific parts of the body fat reduction as well as various massages are also special massage. Suggest seeing a doctor about your skin type , the type of facial you can . There are hair care system .
There are open every day from ten in the morning to eight at night . The best time to come to the phone . From 10 am to 1 pm in the remaining special discount .

Contact : 00880-1733239674 , 00880-1686111222

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Different flavors of dishes arranged in a nine floor building . Different styles of sitting on the different floor . Introduced a mermaid Cafe in a new form. In 22 november opened a new form of  mermaid cafe in the capitals just beside the main street of Progoti Soroni, Baridhara. Surfer Zafar  Alam cut the ribbon with guests .
In Cox has mermaid Resort and Restaurant . The Gulshan Dhaka - Bangladesh is going in another restaurant called Mermaid Cafe . Let's start the new event at Baridhara . The house has mermaid Bakery & Pastry Shop on the ground floor. The second and third are in the bottom of the new gimmicks , which will be inaugurated next month. The main office is at the bottom of the fourth marameida Resort reservations . The fifth floor has been kept in the painting of the artist Ronnie Graham , also can be purchased .
Starting from the sixth floor held the food . Order will be made ​​in front of you after the meal . Marameida Gallery Cafe at the bottom of the seventh and eighth . Hell will freeze the food to taste . Separate sitting here in the lobby . Ruphatape ninth floor ( roof ) will be startled to read . Uthalei up stairs marameida Beach Cafe . Feet below the solid brick - not stones . But has kept the sand , giving the feeling of beach . This will sit you dubiyei balute table legs . Light lamps - amdharite hurricane or candle light dinner sitting arrangement can surprise loved ones .
Leave the main road and the entrance to the house after marameidera get different effect. Will walk over the wooden stairs . Dhukei in wood , rope , etc., on the walls of the furniture will look as well at the paintings have jhulate . Use a piece of wood has different levels andarasajjate silinyera empty areas . Marameidera sales and marketing officer, rexine damenika Gomez said, " There simply marine diet . We have put together some of the country's more fun to eat . In addition, the branch remains popular around the world phlebharera some coffee and pizza . "
During the night from 11 pm to 1 am, seven days a week in the open for everyone .

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

She Persistent tearing . Which enters the mind , it does not want to leave . By the end of the leave . Evidence of many minor incidents repeatedly. So even insist - wandering around under the sea ! Like eating a bhirami hearing . All eyes were upon the family - how can this ? But persistent girl. The insistence that ! ' Who rukhibe wire . In the end he won . Now ' jalapari ' sagaratale got to wander around . Name of the girl saida Wardah .

Saida twenty-five years . Working in a private organization . Since 009 're scuba diving ( sagaratale wandering around ) . Shorts or torn island of St. Martin in baksapetara moments . During moments of baksapetara shorts or torn island of St. Martin . To the constant pull of the sea that they despise everything . Repeatedly visited . The girls are in the saidai now routinely scuba diving . They did not know this saida samtarai childhood . Because of his ancestral home in Chittagong , but the Libyan desert . Libya has spent his 14 years of life cakarisutrei engineer father . Then come to the country . Dreams came and went in the leg . If the deviation is negligible willpower. However, getting the support of the family , he laboriously been burned . Did not even sagging . Went well. How is what ?

Let's Hear saidara words : " From an early age I have been in the sea for a different place . Discovery and National Geographic Channel television tanata me . Dana melala icchatao older . After arriving in scuba diving internet sites adyapanta 'm asking . But all of the academic discipline. Another thing that descend directly into the sea . Samtarata say in the activities of the learned , I practice in the pool easing . I know the more sought , or worked with a few scuba diving . The group's main Atikur oz . I made ​​contact with him . 007 during the month of April . But I was so far in the face of the barrier . I pick up the phone Atiq 's brother said , " Do you really want to do ? " Give him the test of will . Finally, he understood I namabai sagaratale . Then came the desired days , 7 November 009 . St. martine namalama sea. We had a good first day . The second day, managed to get out more . Thus began Trekking . Now when you travel down to the sea , then I think to myself , I jalapari one . '

The fulfillment of the excitement of the sea before landing . The world was amazed by the different saida dropped below the water . He's a creepy feeling . Funny , did not happen all of the stems . One hundred thousand fish in the water , they found a huge crowd down . They took over from Around agantukake . They left after a few seconds . It's quite fun , but you 've got to work a little scared .

More fun with the experience coming back from the jaws of death . " When I was down to about 35 meters . I have not clamped properly maskata . Salty water has entered the pipe stands . This was a problem with oxygen . And I was so down , which is hard to asao up . So it tried to solve the problem of cold -blooded . The first and the second is not . But I did not fear . I tried a third time at the end , is the . Live, breathless . " Saida said .
Australia , Malaysia , scuba daibhinye thailyandasaha girls in different countries , but ahead of Bangladesh is very limited . However saidara advice , scuba daibhinye will bring before the training course . Training can not get out of the way sagaratale . The only prasiksanakendra Oceanic Scuba Diving Center at ( Not just training , members of these organizations once a year to clean the dirt in the sea .

The last questions to Saida , like how many days will ? Straight answered , ' till the end of life' . 

Monday, 27 January 2014

How did the discovery of another covered outlandish ? How he had made ​​a map of the capital of the new players ? Iqbal Hossain Chowdhury reports Where goods excluding shipping groove ? Where is the better book store? Stow delicate match any restaurant ? You can not reply to mix up the ball early householders even in Dhaka . In this case , the capital outlandish tourists anyway , Even ' Dhakaiya ' may rely derao ' diging Dhaka . City map will help you find the right thing to the right of the city to find just the thing to help map karabedhakabasike perfectly . Will surprise you even more when you know , ' Mystery of the shopping , dining, map , known as the ' diging Baby 's creator is a foreigner . How to fly from New York and Laura bonapace far brought fingertips fifty- lane Dhaka bahanna Market ? How did the dive gahine Fiction ?
Digging Dhaka
One of the questions that the American club larara khumjatei face . When time came to Dhaka ? Memorial to remember the larake hatarate . " What 94 year ... 1993 . I went to see the one we have . " My one friend had a wedding party in Dhaka. We went to the Sundarbans services . ' Is his sister-in-law after the bandhui . Larake was fascinated by the world 's largest mangrove forest . But do not know him soon enamored with the People of Dhaka more . Laura left the family to pursue Him Swapnanagar alleged to be the Dhaka city . Nadeem Chaudhry's marriage with the son of Bangladesh in 1994 . Laura with her ​​husband migrated to Dhaka after a couple of years .   Fiction gahine Bangladesh and the United States , let alone the two countries in the world map . However, by the end of the interval is simply the distance , with all the bumps on the head of the family began shipping buy Laura bonapace . Too close to home, dear husband was the sole exception of the capital phiga pet cat . ' Then it was time to land . That call enormous turmoil abroad . There is room to land . Once they pulled the dead three days . My mother - father Understanding the situation . Dhaka generator still has not come home to . My little girl bathing karacchi , shedding ... what 's the rush is all that ! ' Have a difficult time . But Laura did not ranebhanga . Slowly - slowly getting his cover . One of the best design in the School of Communication graphic design degree from Pratt Institute . Study MBA in marketing and bijnapanabidyaya . Enjoy the world famous cosmetics company rank and bhyanitipheyara Magazine and rebhalana work experience. In all the developed world were calling , fights larake . But forget that Laura was settled in Dhaka . Ayadakame started his advertising agency in Dhaka . Then phrilyansarera life. Fiction English Daily Holiday - worked to create new designs . The New Age newspaper , was the first designer to start . Products , publications - have such different things design . Fiction tourists had already started thinking of making a map . The work began in 007 . ' Digim Baby ' Girlfriend earn Rahman advised the longer form . Almost six months after exertion is printed ' digim Baby 's First Edition . " I think all the people in the capital are in the mood at the festival .... This map, so I 've tried to keep a sparkling festive spirits .... Map of colorful , sparkling lake or the next , there's a bright green .... It 's my daughter's intelligence. " Says Laura . However, the work does not end with just the design , but a boutique , restaurant and shopping malake bujhesune their services to ensure the list is itself came before . Walk - each tried to turn Lanes - tasya lane. Call each number by itself to ensure communications are not what they are doing . This is going to be a bitter experience to roam ?  " I'm in a restaurant . I kind of ugly smut dhukatei nabe is in the door . The restaurant darajatei this stage , what is their rasuighare ! Resturentatake I have omitted from the list . ' These have been added to the map carefully and try to really work . Laura says , " Even Google maps may just cenate place , but the market - not to say the quality of purchase . Every now and then the new shopping mall in Dhaka . Please note that if you look a little something special to the eyes of all the shopping malerai . ARA Centre and Rapa Plaza , Dhanmondi kameez and sarees makes for a better . Orchard Point in the same area for mobile phone . Again Rifles Square ( Frontier Square ) in the CD or DVD . Locations as well as some of the advice we have tried to look at the map . " Larara map embassies , foreign currency exchange , universities , art gallery , club , airports , hotels , restaurants , hospitals , Books - DVD shop , saloon , shop - has been divided into several categories such sthapanaguloke . May have been picked up all over the place , so you can not easily find anywhere . Larara with the ' digim Baby ' has done the editing and marketing Negro Rahman of Bangladesh . Was released with great no hulusthula . But were four versions ' digim Baby ' gently - slowly became a great job of city map for foreigners . Planet of the world famous travel website Trip Advisor ( , where a user writes about the map , ' gelabare Dhaka tour I received a jeweled look . The ' digim Dhaka . Has done a great thing ! " This user is a foreigner . The ' digim Baby ' originally Gulshan , Banani , Baridhara , Dhanmondi and Multan in area . How does this map could be helpful to all people in Dhaka ? Larara replies , " You 're in a place does not necessarily mean that you know the place very well . Many banladesii told me , " digim Baby " saved them from a lot of trouble . ' If you want to get people interested in the map E - mail can be addressed -diggin.dhaka @ Laura bonapace several years were settled in Dhaka . His recent work in the design of Gulshan Japanese Restaurant ijumira diets . It won the American Graphic Design Awards , Summit International ayaoyardasaha four - four international awards. He said with a little humility , so much Bengali as good as the day it was too much learning has not happened . If you can read and understand a lot longer . There is a very difficult conversation . The only daughter of her family larara happiness . Baby looks now ? Larara Answers - " Good and evil are very near and dear to me Together III . In New York - e . ' Enact Earth - or better , with all the aspects ? Laura came to the end of discussion , the city has a glorious past, with the endless possibilities of the same . '
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