Monday, 17 March 2014

Lots of  hotel. A well-known area of Natore . The primary destination . Natore on 7 December last year went . O'clock in the morning he will wake up at the bus supervisor . Mama has come pacur . Not getting off ? With rubbing my eyes fell down from the bus . The idea is , indeed, a hotel overlooking the spectacular match around . But Surprise to see pacura Nice hotels . One of the most common fencing around the hotel tin . Those waiting for me after some time I got pacura Hotel Mystery sensation Ali feat . To achieve this reputation behind pacura hotels and variety of foods . Balise take a little rest to remain at the head was past 10pm . Digapatiya karalama journey to the landlord of 11 at home , motorcycle Saiful Rahman . Fisheries resources are studied paharapurera boy Mustafiz Natore . He has quite janasona City Lanes . Pacura took 15 minutes to reach the hotel area digapatiya Rajbari . Admiration and spectacular entrance of the house gave digapatiya overload . Have stood at the entrance to the stone tracery of the extraordinary architecture of the century witnessed .

There are places in the middle of the century old deyalaghari placement , which is still tick tick showing just the right time . Dhukatei inside large flower kurnisa brauniya say happy jahampanara return . If we look at the inner walls of the palace of Queen Vabani nobility layer . The Queen was a British colony broke an overload. The name of the inheritance of the town hall of the palace . Uttara prime entrance ticket price of Rs 10 .

Natore Rajbari next journey . The royal palace in the city . This castle was built in the seventeenth century, King Ramjiban widen the area . Separate multiple marriage palace was built for the Queen Ramjiban each . There is no fee to enter the royal palace . It is open to the public from dawn to dusk . Another special attraction of this palace, as well as the beauty of the Coffee House . Far - from remote path itinerant people come here for coffee . Kamcagollara got out of the palace in search of coffee taste . Is not far . Came together to walk 10 minutes mistannabhandara jayakali . Kamcagollara quite a big store. Kamcagolla hot . Then do not say anything . Just eating and eating ....
Except in Natore district of Bangladesh 's biggest bill , Chalanbeel . Monsoon season in the eyes of anyone who looks Chalanbeel digantajure will dhamdhiye .


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