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Description of the characters to let us know . Samia , software engineer , mother of four and a half year old son . Reshma , specializing in human resources departments . And I am a little member of a joint family . The link between the three characters is to cross the era of friendship . It was such a exact time in the last year, three daughters thought that need to get out like Gupi-Baga. . We have decided to go to the Samia's grandfathers house at Bogura .

One morning, We started the journey to Bogura. Bus is running . Interval on the way at Food Village . We ate there Parota, Dalvaji and egg with quite fun . By noon we reached Bogura . Now we have to go maliyandanga village by CNG auto rickshaw . There is the grandfather's house of Samia . To the village green - grassy road nice word . We cupakatha ' forward to see the running scene . Digantajure plantation crops , green trees .

We saw Alloys on the way . There is no existence of the poetry's alloys . The section of sorrows, compensating by the road of argil . Now  t u r n  to walk out of CNG . I crossed the pond to my uncle's home infested water hyacinth purple flowers . And quite haihai - rairai expression. Cooking on the stove, was riding on the ground . L. Patty , oil pepper and sweet rice turnover pemyaje treated . They are going to finish the chicken broth and bring to extract the fragrant rice table . Plantations bhaji fresh vegetables , peas and much more. Is sitting at the end of eating . Turn to visit the villages . I went to the Isle afar .
Mahasthangarh went the next day . I quite like the place . One of the oldest relics of the country . Here Maurya , Gupta , Pala , Sena dynasty found lots of patterns . Location Shibganj upazila of Bogra district . Approximately 10 kilometers north of the city . Herd came from fat. This place is known as the behulara basaraghara .
Mahasthangarh bus about two kilometers from the south - west of a bauddhamurti , which was built by Emperor Ashoka is considered . The height of approximately 45 feet . There are no major caubaccasadrsa a snanagharao eastward 4 . Were the Archaeological Museum . The average age of the restoration mahasthana here have different patterns . Two more at the front of the tea shop in the us behulara basaragharera . Excellent drink names . From bus stand to the west of Hazrat Shah Sultan Mahmud mahasthana balakhira ( ra ) could not be excluded in Mazar Sharif . Here satabarsi a tree suddenly remembered the Band movie about the tree . Turn back at the end of the day to roam around the small building in the village . Pranakhola some of the people who live in the house . Most people recognize that the tender was involved - victims strangers . So we are looking at the stars in the sky billion at the end of the day the three friends said Bangladesh 's name .

Friday, 20 December 2013

A few years ago, before Eid , people have questions , what you bought in this Eid ? Now the question is , will you go to your home or, travel anywhere ? Yes , time has changed . Now many of the Eid holiday party means a beautiful place to be homeless .
We are always crazy about traveling . We , I mean me and my husband. Maybe one day off , I started to plan where we are going ? And if it is with friends or family members , then I wonder . Eid holiday last year we went to visit the three hill districts of Bangladesh . Some friends with us . Bandarban , Rangamati and Khagrachari - In the three district plans to turn suddenly , however . Thursday morning we went to the car with the Dhaka district on the way to the left . Since the day of Eid , so the traffic on the highway was not dhakalao . By afternoon we reached Bandarban . Here is a good place to stay milanacharira hilasaida Resort . However, if the danger from without booking .

There was a tinge of apprehension paumchei Eid resort . there is people and people . However, there was food pilau menu - Korma name. This resort is one of the family traveling Mujibur Rahman told the young man , with his car in the morning went to a resort town in Bandarban . He read the Eid prayers . Came to know from the other guests , the breakfast menu was the vermicelli . Wow !
Outside the house , Eid , Eid tinge easing was still everything. Conch restaurant stormwater drainage milanacharira sat afternoon and in the evening we went out to see to see . Jute Nilgiri Bandarban Ruma and pay out the next day went to Kaptai and Rangamati at Chandraghana . Zigzag , wavy wonderful mountain roads ! Girikhada deep down , gets up the hill away from the fog . Hundred percent guarantee to fill the minds of withdrawals . Kaptai reached a small cross in the middle of the ferries . There is a homely hotel in the Kaptai lake with small fish curry for lunch , got rid of the virus .
Rangamati Kaptai Lake, the afternoon started off riding on the boat . Crowd of people everywhere . Most of the family came up with the Eid holiday . Rangamati is playing when they are not cooked chickens conaya pyadatintinye bamboo . The sweep-filled maiden - E domain. And I got to see subhalantao . I did not miss this subhalam sound barrier . The next day we got up early, went to the left side of the UPDF . Khagrachari to Rangamati two hours . Rangamati , Bandarban and Khagrachari town was quite primitive compared . However, the flavor of the city and the surrounding area is quite wild and planting adventure . Alutilara khagaracharite cave we went . Impassable , and the darkness of the cave takes to go head to head in another 0 minute . A fountain flowed through the cave , so bhijabei legs , take off shoes before . Cave - the system name of the city by the end of the adventure , we went to a restaurant to eat at Dhaka .
To celebrate the fact that anyone can visit ancalaguloya hill . There are many places more beautiful than in the country . The monsoon is the best time for traveling in these areas . And so the holiday has barsatei !
As a way of reaching out to the road , chances are he or interesting . On this ride got proof term Bandarban . We had such a fascinating bakatalai shower . Of about three hundred feet high, comes down to the water. Tanachila mind to look at Shunyi . Now that I know , will the White Lake , Keokradong and jadipai shower. There is no need to show greed ! Byagata not saichila higher than the read out .
We got a tour of the rainy season , but there are still jharanaya water . November barbarism can visit any time .
If you want to have fun visiting a theme park roller kostarera Read up cars proposing Chander . Ruma from Bandarban town road past; market thus far . From the White Lake Travel Guide . When we went , the rain, the car was off the road . Now to get the car . A couple of hours of walking we reached the lake white . Rest house is made ​​of wood here . However, a very difficult urban abhabata meat for us , not just lists of chickens for meat . Enjoy the lake laphajhampa eliminating fatigue and the other is in trouble . Pretty night sky past; tarabhara down .
Jadipai journey the next day . Will cause Keokradong Hills. I have stuck to his bhamje bhamje dense clouds , cold air , arranged around the shade of green . Digit ears are nesting , do not know the name konotarai .
I saw people were hatao keokradanyera landscapes . Tops of the surrounding mountains and trees has been little ketechemte . There are two helipyada hanged . There dekko for the rest , a rest house falls .
Let us turn to move . Pasimpara 'll jadipaiparaya become . Less trouble on the way down the stairs , but the risk is higher . There are fears of slippery surface . I was not even during the leech bites . After nearly two hours in the shower match .
Flakes flakes coming down the stairs, climb the falls, white water ga . Washed in the path of the fatigue section . The pasimparaya come back . Pass the night there .
Kacaleo morning broke eyes just could not believe the scene . How I was entered in the clouds ! Then came the head is poetic description , the empty thought someone poured a bowl of white foam head . After a little rest and started off toward bakatalaiyera . Will walk throughout the day. Hemtei walk in the clouds got into . A little after the start of the rain , the sunshine away . Kadamakha , waved across the road in the afternoon at the pomchalama bakatalaiparaya stones . It is such a beautiful photo of this applies to students during the village .
Places to stay in one of the local cell . Must own recipe . Oops ! Training with a sudden come from the mother understood .
Bakatalai morning shower journey . Heard before , this is the way of the remote . The new guide with us . Jungle barely clearing the way for a slender , the other side has gone down the steep canyon . Achara that meal times , it did not count . Have more body poking sharp leaves . Hill worms are taking the fight against us . Anahutadera together prevent . Growing up on the thorn trees poking up once to eat . We walked for about three and a half hours this way . Standing in front of the face of the shower and not phutala . He's not possible for me to describe the scene . But keep in mind chabitei made ​​him prisoner . I could not go near the water stream stones . However setukutei bhareche mind . The time.

How will you go
From there go to Bandarban from Dhaka rumabajara Chander car or local bus . The guide will take rumabajara . Guide rates starting from 1000 , rumabajara food rice with a few good reasons to organize themselves keokradanyera are the foods themselves . Rumabajara from the White Lake . Here is a Rs 00 per Room . Keokradong from White Lake , thence jadipai falls , the night would have jadipaipara or pasimparaya . Pratijane cost of 100 rupees . Bakatalaipara from there . 100 will be in the money . While returning from bakatalaipara Thanchi . Bandarban city bus or car , then Chander .

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Near Dhaka , Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park in Gazipur is introduced . Tigers , lions , elephants , giraffe , zebra - the key there !
 Gazipur -Mymensingh Road cross-roads straight egole tiger market. Mymensingh lion or tiger tiger markets - none of us is not condoned . Tiger - We get to see the lions are left along the narrow path west . Destination to reach approximately three kilometers across . Written on the eyes of the titanic gate of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park in Gazipur. " Inaugurated a few days ago to see the new Safari Park tour from Dhaka .

 Passed the gates shocked at first glance - the key ! Tiger - Lion anyway , Hawk , Kangaroo , there's even a dinosaur ! However, these lifeless , soil , sand , cement bhaskarera tracery on . Field of soft grass , flowers, trees , crystal clear water fountain in the binding . Only the portion of the park , visitors welcome . He welcomed us to the Wildlife Park, Md. supervise . Sarwar Hossain Khan , Mohammad forester . Jahangir Alam park staff. ' Political instability ' of the earlier visitors agree. So Sarwar Hossain , Jahangir alamarao went with our visitors to the forest . We are a group of small left side of the Safari Park .

Gave us a small idea of the park in the meantime, Sarwar Hossain , ' The difference between the zoo and Safari Park , the zoo, the animals are captured and exposed people . Here 's the opposite . Captured animals will be exposed to the people . Here the natural environment and animals in the forest , he is the best . Place over three and a half acres of parks across our country - foreign 31 species of animals . "

 He was an employee of the park invites , " Come , we have to start from Tiger restaurant . " Tigers do not mind the look of the restaurant , the restaurant ' Mama ' s food ' served ' do not want to be ! It was clear the inside , she is not afraid . Tough glass- surround restaurant , size large. Visitors can see the outside of the glass to sip tea cup ' Tiger Safari ' , where lingering baghagulo park . ' Oooi that saw the side , behind the trees . The one right next to it ! " Says one of the park staff .

 Given the railing around the restaurant a little extra space. Another park employee stood dakadaki began , " income ! Calm Calm ! ' Bengali or English , who knows no call , baghera respond ! Royal beast swing enhances legs , we see a fascinating sight ! Clear eyes , six tigers coming from the direction of the forest . Think for a moment , realize that huge of a TV screen to see the care that the National Geographic Channel !

Do not cut amazed katatei taste Sarwar Hossain , cars have come . We fell into a spacious microbus Tiger safaris in press . There are more amazing stock ! We rounded up six tiger legs and feet . Became startled pills ! I gulp and swallow him , I have been given the food ? Sarwar said laughing , ' Today is the day baghadera fast . Their meals are provided as part of the diet is the one day of the week . ' Wow , bagherao ' diet control ' does not know !

We 're told the two lions into two states mamadera . Assuming the ground not far from the kings of the forest surrounding the school's master masaiyera eye looking like a cuff . They could also bring in cars from the dakadaki . And yes , you can sit in the car tiger - lion can talk , you can take pictures , if you can cut the mop ! Only one condition , the windows can not be opened ! Go Sarwar Hossain said , " We have 11 tigers and nine lions . There is a white lion . It has been put in place for the time being to another . "
Then it is seen bear , deer , blesabaka , zebra , African oyaildibista . We have not bothered to go forward slowly . Amir Bahadur had to stop and look belakalike . Two elephant mahout bisaladehi kukila Chakma bidding thukala our peace . Kukila the belakali Amir Bahadur of the two elephants who have more . Puja Rani beads and menstruation . Kukila speak with their strange languages ​​. ' Acchaiye molasses molasses , given the way the outside of the box pulled by two elephants .
 Could not handle the viewing of jiraphagulokeo greed . Photographer taking pictures , we will stand down from the car with him . Kanti Pal giraffe rupana care . He is not afraid to make a move . Four tall giraffe , what they eat ? Rupana said , before he leaves the plantation in Africa . Here are those trees . But here is the choice jiraphara temtulapata and star fruit leaves . It was clear , running activities lambugulora interests .
Gariyatra ended. He is trying to walk.

Macau astanata birds were very impressed . Different species of Macau , with the help of the park staff can also take pictures of the birds sit on the shoulder . But beware ! , Your ears are two myakaoyera hazard can occur if enticing ! Gray pyaratasaha tiyaguloo different species of fascinating watching eye .

Postal gardenatio will fascinate you sure Fensi park . Round Lake. Swann giant Black , White and Colour Fensi dakaguloke with Swann to turn the boat we saw there . Then , one crocodile, vulture , imu birds , ostrich , BoA , guisapa , indian pied hornbill , see various species of turtle ... afternoon . Just the thing to get upset deraya peacock . Many of the area 's huge peacocks, but not a pekhama melala . Go to the dismay of some ghucala madanatakera . Spoke to the photographer with a huge fan of the match , " This is Mister , would come in the picture , but beautiful ! "
The rest of the park is still in the works . Butterfly garden , প্রকৃতিবীক্ষণকেন্দ্র taoyaragulora underway and observation . If you want to relax can visit the Safari Park . Admission . The park is open every day from nine o'clock in the morning until sunset . Leave the bus from Dhaka to Mymensingh tiger market , rickshaw or sienajite straight from the Safari Park . To ensure that , in the eyes of surprise waiting for you in the forehead lift !

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Surround walls of two and a half thousand year old city walls and the green grass covering . He was going down the fort entrance . Leather side of the river for the city sainyasamantadera arms , ammunition and food at the main gate of Naval bhirata is believed to be . Durge entering the gate next to the stairs . Beye on the stairs in front of the two eyes are juriye melalei mind . Two and a half thousand years of heritage, archaeological ruins standing patterns nagarai was once the capital of Bengal . Jesus Christ hundreds of years before the rise of the city, the ancient name of the pundrabardhana . Maurya , Gupta and Pala period nagarati Mahasthangarh now known as the evolution period .
Various reasons have been considered as Mahasthangarh archaeological and historically important . South Asia is one of the oldest towns pundrabardhana Mahasthangarh fascinate tourists .

The Town of Pundunagor
Dhaka - Rangpur , Bogra highway in the city . 1 km north from the city of gold in the past can be found mahasthanabajara . Mahasthangarh side of the market . Jesus sahasulatana balakhira majarao here. Mahasthangarh across - seem to have many patterns in the period . Khananakajera time coming up from the bottom of the soil in the old brick or piece of stoneware taijasapatrera fraction . Missing statue of debadebira currency . The height of the outer wall 15 to 45 feet from the ground plane . 5 to 10 feet wide and the walls of the fort wall of China .

What to see

Inside the fort there praciraghera pratnayugera patterns . 100 yards north of the fort is the foundation Govinda pratnatattba museum director . The museum contains many ancient artifacts found in the region mahasthanagarasaha . Tickets will be cut . Hazrat Shah Sultan average easternmost balakhi ( ra ) Mazar mahi lessons . The mosque was built at the foot of majarera khristabde 1719 .
There are four kilometers away from the main castle behulara basaraghara . In common with other basaraghara behula - lakhindarera legend . Another six kilometers away from mahasthana pratnayugera bhasubihara patterns .

How to go
The World Bank will go the way of both road and rail . Gold can be reached by train from Dhaka station . ' Rangpur Express ' and ' lalamani Express , the train can name . Rangpur - dinajapuragami can get a bus directly mahasthanagare . Namale caramatha basatarminala ship and get the bus from the city haddipatti basastyanda . It will take five rent money . City dattabari the CNG atorikasaya 15 mahasthanagare hike can be achieved .

Where to stay

Mahasthanagare ratayapanera is not any good . They will choose to stay in a Motel Bogra town , hotel or bungalow . Besithakale budget can nudge carataraka Garden Hotel - A . In the middle of the Budget Motel Travel , redacilisa , hotels sephaoye , narthaoye , siyasta , or akabariya Century Hotel .

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Meghalaya hills where he stopped , there is just one of the surprise jalabagana , random white clouds in the mountains eating pecking jhapa lie in the bed of the water . Boats in the water ucchbase here . I 'm happy to be involved sabatuku objective satarana this amazing place to sleep tanguyara haor .
We went haore naoyajesa Knowledge Center . My Facebook friends Sunamganj district, Assistant Commissioner and Executive Magistrate jebuna all of us Nahar said , hasana King is leaving the dock with a tralara tanguya for haor .

Manipuri going across the front of the dock scene was changed at the moment . I wake up out of the water onshore turning the remote mountain walls , as much as the eyes , the green velvet . The side of the boat below the age of cokhajora takalama - nilace water , water with which to clean the bottom of the existence of mossy , rush away wave away the tip dolaya haorajure nacache . Its like driving on the highway in the middle of the sami sami calachi just for the haor . I had to go to a fish enclosure .
Gradually changing the color of the water . From blue , black and green , and dark blue . After 6 hours of continuous paumchalama tanguya the most transparent parts of the haor , the monsoon season from Meghalaya hills are filled with water from an area of ​​approximately 100 km , gradually became dry dhanakhetagulo fresh water bodies . Haor is one of countless bamora at all , transparent water reservoir of water in the concert of their choice .
Tekeraghatera the last frontier in this part of the bad state of the haor . Water down the jalabagana - Trailer bush with one hand at 11 hands tall, has a huge gachao drowning , the sun flash on the front page !
I think when I left the ship without any raft or water repeatedly thaithai bhasache small village . The whole haor border surrounded by trees . There are drowning out the gachao mathatuku blue sea .
The temptation to roam jalabagane impossible to handle . I have a life jacket cariye one of the dive was tupa tupa . We 've gone from dubasamtara dense forest , the legs are involved ayesi trailer , I 'm in the green renu , the bottom of the boat headed up black tar . It has got everything in the light of the sun in the cold !
When we got there biskita cibote cibote paumchalama Lily flower in the garden , looking at the horizon suryata eyes red , his eyes anagona sleep . He was lost in the clouds before we reached tekeraghate .

How can go:

Shyamoli transport from Sunamganj will hire up to 550 . Sunamganj basastyanda up from the dock rikasaya sahebabajara . How to rent a boat for haor tanguya from injinacalita . Rent for each day you take the money . Haore to five - six hours it will take time . Two - rent a boat for three days and will take the necessary bajarasadai . Ratata tahirapura dakabanlote can turn haor police . I take nothing with me , but it will take a life jacket . It is the rainy season the road . Boats will not work in the winter , when you have crossed the river Surma manipurighata tekeraghata from the motorcycle and go haore tanguya . November masajure here to get the water . After the water dries up .

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Cox's Bazar
Golden sands - miles when miles, unnoticed by polite cliffs and full with foaming waves, colourful univalve shells, ponderous pagodas, delicious seafood- this is often Cox\'s Bazar. The sea-side traveler administrative division of People\'s Republic of Bangladesh jactitation the world\'s longest (120km) unbroken beach sloping gently down into the blue water of the Bay of Bengal- Cox\'s Bazar is one in all the foremost enticing traveler spots of the country.
To north of Cox\'s Bazar is Chittagong and also the hill districts of Bandarban and Khagrachhari, to the east is Burma, to the west and south is that the Bay of geographic region.

Rangamati, set seventy seven kilometre. removed from Chittagong, could be a favorite resort as a result of its stunning landscape, lake, various vibrant tribes, hanging bridge, homespun textile merchandise, ivory jewelry, social group depository so on. For tourists the attractions area unit fishing, powerboat cruising, water Kaptai Lake. could be a rare spot for tourism. The administrative division is found on the western bank of Kaptai Lake.
athletics, bathing and far a lot of. it\'s a rare spot for tourism. The administrative division is found on the western bank of

Kaptai Lake
A pleasant and picturesque drive of sixty four kilometre. from Chittagong brings you to an enormous expanse of emerald and blue water ringed by tropical forests. it\'s the renowned synthetic Kaptai Lake (680 sq. km.). From Kaptai on the Chittagong road, lies the traditional bill Morang Buddhist temple having stunning Buddhist statues.

Khagrachhari is that the district headquarters of Khagrachhari Hill District. A drive of 112 kilometre from Chittagong, by associate unrestricted metalled road through the inexperienced forest up hills down dales into the solitude of nature.

The larger Mymensingh district stretches from the plains north of national capital to the Garo foothills that edge the northern border with Asian country. on the frontier line several tribes like Garos, Hajongs and Kochis United Nations agency area unit ethnically quite distinct from the individuals around them. Mymensingh has earned  a crucial position in Bangla literature for its made peoplelores and folk songs. On the road from national capital to Mymensingh there\'s a park and game sanctuary at Madhupur concerning one hundred sixty kilometre. from Dhaka. There area unit variety of reserve forests within the space with rest-houses and picnic spots. The renowned painter Zainul Abedins room at Mymensingh city is value visiting.

An island off the coast of Cox\'s Bazar, Moheskhali has a district of 268 sq. km. Through the middle of the island and on the japanese outline rises a variety of low-hills, concerning three hundred feet high, however the coast to the west and north is low-lying and fringed by Rhizophora mangle forest. Atop Moinak Hill lies the previous temple of Adinath, dedicated to Shiva. By its facet on an equivalent hill could be a Buddhist temple.


Sonadia Island lies within the bay concerning seven kilometre. off Cox\'s Bazar and is merely nine sq. km. in area. The western facet of the island is sandy and completely different styles of shells area unit found on the beach. Off the northern a part of the island, there area unit beds of window pane oysters. throughout winter, fishermen found out temporary camps on the island and dry their catches of sea-fish.

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NafakhumOmiyakhum/ Satvaikhum waterfalls, Bandarban

That night I'll remember in my whole life, really life is beautiful! The name of the place was Jinapara, on the way of Omiyakhum. To go Omiyakhum you have to across the Rocky river from Thanchi to Remakkri. The small pieces of stone which is spread down the river is such a beautiful thing that even the pearl is nothing in front of these. You will get Tindu in the way. If I say that Bandarban is the heaven of Bangladesh, then Tindu is the capital of that heaven. The next place of Tindu is Raja Pthor region. The awesome rock state is pujaniya to their Local residents. After crossing this way next is Nafakhum and then the Jinapara In this way. We have reached Jinapara in the afternoon. The next morning, we started journey for Omiyakhum.

You have to cross few hills on the way to the Omiyakhum from Jinapara. After 40 minutes walk with shaking feet down a steep hill you will entered in the dense forest. There are lots of round stone walls in front of us, the noisy green water flows through in it. Here and there accumulated the water and created in the form of water legune(lake).The huge fish groups are swimming  very lazily in the clear water of the legune, they do not have any hasty, they do not have the reminder to go anywhere. Our guide said, these are nothing, Omiyakhum is on the left and the Satvaikhum is on the right. Once you will be there your head will move around to see the beauty. The hills contour structures are entirely different besides the Omiyakhum, gathered big staircase after staircase of the fountain. After reaching there you will be astonished, in front of your eyes you will see the most beautiful places of Bandarban.
Nafakhum Waterfalls

How to go:

Dhaka­ to Chittagong  (by road/ by air).
­Then Chittagong to Bandarban by road. Then directly go to the Thanci. From Thanci to remakri you have to go by boat. After that walking is the only way to reach Omiyakhum and Satvaikhum. On the way you will get Nafakhum and then Jinapara. Don’t forget to take rope, life jacket and food with you. You can returned by the way of Paddhamukh. In this way you will reach Thanci early.
There you’ll get tour packages and also guide. Tour packages will be BDT(2500 to 3500)

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Some details of the tourism organizations we have provided here to make your tour easier.

The Guide Tours Limited


The Bengal Tours Limited


Hatil Holidays


River & Green Tours


Abakash Parjatan Limited


Incitaa Tourism


Sun & Sea


Maple Tours & Travels




Sundarban is the world's largest mangrove forest and the living place of the Royal Bengal tiger. There are also the monkey, cheetah, spotted deer, bear, hyeana and various types of snakes.

In Sundarban tourists can see tides flowing in two directions in the same area and often tigers swimming across a river or huge crocodiles in the water. It is the real beauty of a jungle tour.

Visitors have to enter into the forest by river from Khulna or Mongla. There are rest-houses for visitors to stay.The main tourist spots in the Sundarban is Hiron Point, Katka and Tin Kona island.

Before visit you have to take permission from the Divisional Forest Officer, Khulna. Water transport is the only way to access in the Sundarban from Khulna or Mongla. You should take some medicine, medical kit with you and also take the help of a experienced guide.

How to go:

Dhaka to Khulna:
Dhaka to khulna  (by road/ by steamer) 
Dhaka to Jessore by air …..then Jessore to Khulna by road.

Khulna/ Mongla port to Sundarban: 
Water transport is the only way to access into sundarban from Khulna or Mongla port.
  • Motor launches
  • Speed boats or,
  • Merchanised vessels of Mongla port Authority

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Cox's Bazar: Cox’s bazar is the longest sea beach of the world and one of the most beautiful and attractive place in Bangladesh for tourist. There is longest sandy beach miles after miles along with huge bush garden(local name is Jhaw Bagan). There is also hilltop circuit house, radar station, rakhain pagodas and Burmese market. On the beach visitors can found various kinds of stones, snail, oyster, starfish, jellyfish and the beautiful small scorpions.Everyday lots of tourist coming here from different parts of the world. 
beautiful bangladesh

The name Cox’s Bazar comes from the name of Captain Hiram cox (died in 1799). He was an officer of the British East India Company. ­­­­The length of the Cox's bazar is around unbroken 125 km. The total area of the cox’s bazaar town is 6.85 km It is situated 150 km south of Chittagong port. The ancient name of the Cox’s bazar was pengwa. Before that the name was palongkee.

Once who visited the Cox’s bazar he/she will never forget the stunning beauty of the cox’s bazaar. It has a total combination of hill, bush garden, golden sandy beach, lots of natural creatures, the Bay of Bangle. Visitors can get there lots of good quality hotels along side of beach and also lots of delicious sea food.

Enjoy the city of Cox's Bazar , southeastern Bangladesh with all the makings of an ideal destination in summer , sandy Beach and coconut palms and the sun rays and tropical atmosphere .
Where is the city beach , which stretches for more than 120 kilometers ( 74.5 miles ), the longest natural beach in the world.

Many believe , it can compete with other coastal tourist destinations in the region , such as the cities of Pattaya in Thailand and Gali in Sri Lanka.

The Bangladeshi Government attaches to those tropical paradise of great importance , so they developed within the new plan through which aims to put the state on the world tourism map . As the Bangladeshi government to reap the state more than five billion dollars (3.17 billion pounds ) from tourism during the next ten years , and by attracting a larger number of domestic and foreign tourists .

Since nearly two decades ago , Cox's Bazar was just a quiet coastal town often attract the Bengalis who are looking for escape from the noise and pollution that suffer from it in the big cities like Dhaka and Chittagong .

However, that land area all changed to witness the emergence of hundreds of hotel buildings and high - rise residential buildings and restaurants.
And overlooking the main coast itself, dozens of shops selling souvenirs , toys and clothing in addition to fast food restaurants.
As the city is booming urban , where they are also the establishment of hotels and restaurants in every region of this city, in addition to the coastal areas.

Bengal Tourism Minister Faruk Khan said in a statement to the BBC: "We are working now to create a highway along the coastline stretching from the town of Cox's Bazar until the city Tknaf , as we have issued instructions not to create any building on the south side of the coastal road . And that is the way in which we will judge by those infringements Urban . "

The government aims to increase the number of foreign tourists doubled , to reach their numbers to a million visitors by the year 2021, which will provide , in accordance with what the government says , nearly half a million jobs.
However, the influx of more tourists will undoubtedly increase the pressure that the city where reconstruction companies will work on the search for new sites evaluated by other establishments.

Tourist attractions near the town:
  • Aggmeda Khyang 
  • Ramu
  • Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park: 
  • Inani Beach
  • Maheshkhali
  • Sonadia Island
  • Teknaf
  • St. Martin's Island
  • Bandarban
  • Rangamati
  • Himchhari

Friday, 23 August 2013

KhoyyaChora Waterfalls: First, We have to go MirerSorai Boro Dorgah. Its near to Chittagong. To  reach there you can take bus, CNG operating auto rickshaw and other vehicle. From MirerSorai Boro Dorgah waking is the only way to reach the waterfalls. It can take around 30 minutes. The waking way also beautiful but you can see the real beauty very little from here.

If you want to stay, hotel Saimon is there. There is lots of  beautiful places in Chittagong. If you want to visit, you can also stay in Chittagong Town.

Hotels in Chittagong Town:

Golden Inn

Station Road,Chittagong

Hotel Asia

Station Road, Chittagong.

For Tourist Organisations details, Click here
Ratargul Forest in Sylhet: It is a very beautiful and a totally natural forest. ..

How to reach 

Anyone can go there very easily.......First you have ot go Sylhet by road, train or by air.......From Sylhet you can take bus, tempo or auto rickshaw to go dupagul. Then you have to take auto rickshaw to motorghat. You will get lots of hotel and resort in the Sylhet town and nearby area for stay.
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