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Cox's Bazar
Golden sands - miles when miles, unnoticed by polite cliffs and full with foaming waves, colourful univalve shells, ponderous pagodas, delicious seafood- this is often Cox\'s Bazar. The sea-side traveler administrative division of People\'s Republic of Bangladesh jactitation the world\'s longest (120km) unbroken beach sloping gently down into the blue water of the Bay of Bengal- Cox\'s Bazar is one in all the foremost enticing traveler spots of the country.
To north of Cox\'s Bazar is Chittagong and also the hill districts of Bandarban and Khagrachhari, to the east is Burma, to the west and south is that the Bay of geographic region.

Rangamati, set seventy seven kilometre. removed from Chittagong, could be a favorite resort as a result of its stunning landscape, lake, various vibrant tribes, hanging bridge, homespun textile merchandise, ivory jewelry, social group depository so on. For tourists the attractions area unit fishing, powerboat cruising, water Kaptai Lake. could be a rare spot for tourism. The administrative division is found on the western bank of Kaptai Lake.
athletics, bathing and far a lot of. it\'s a rare spot for tourism. The administrative division is found on the western bank of

Kaptai Lake
A pleasant and picturesque drive of sixty four kilometre. from Chittagong brings you to an enormous expanse of emerald and blue water ringed by tropical forests. it\'s the renowned synthetic Kaptai Lake (680 sq. km.). From Kaptai on the Chittagong road, lies the traditional bill Morang Buddhist temple having stunning Buddhist statues.

Khagrachhari is that the district headquarters of Khagrachhari Hill District. A drive of 112 kilometre from Chittagong, by associate unrestricted metalled road through the inexperienced forest up hills down dales into the solitude of nature.

The larger Mymensingh district stretches from the plains north of national capital to the Garo foothills that edge the northern border with Asian country. on the frontier line several tribes like Garos, Hajongs and Kochis United Nations agency area unit ethnically quite distinct from the individuals around them. Mymensingh has earned  a crucial position in Bangla literature for its made peoplelores and folk songs. On the road from national capital to Mymensingh there\'s a park and game sanctuary at Madhupur concerning one hundred sixty kilometre. from Dhaka. There area unit variety of reserve forests within the space with rest-houses and picnic spots. The renowned painter Zainul Abedins room at Mymensingh city is value visiting.

An island off the coast of Cox\'s Bazar, Moheskhali has a district of 268 sq. km. Through the middle of the island and on the japanese outline rises a variety of low-hills, concerning three hundred feet high, however the coast to the west and north is low-lying and fringed by Rhizophora mangle forest. Atop Moinak Hill lies the previous temple of Adinath, dedicated to Shiva. By its facet on an equivalent hill could be a Buddhist temple.


Sonadia Island lies within the bay concerning seven kilometre. off Cox\'s Bazar and is merely nine sq. km. in area. The western facet of the island is sandy and completely different styles of shells area unit found on the beach. Off the northern a part of the island, there area unit beds of window pane oysters. throughout winter, fishermen found out temporary camps on the island and dry their catches of sea-fish.


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