Thursday, 14 November 2013

Meghalaya hills where he stopped , there is just one of the surprise jalabagana , random white clouds in the mountains eating pecking jhapa lie in the bed of the water . Boats in the water ucchbase here . I 'm happy to be involved sabatuku objective satarana this amazing place to sleep tanguyara haor .
We went haore naoyajesa Knowledge Center . My Facebook friends Sunamganj district, Assistant Commissioner and Executive Magistrate jebuna all of us Nahar said , hasana King is leaving the dock with a tralara tanguya for haor .

Manipuri going across the front of the dock scene was changed at the moment . I wake up out of the water onshore turning the remote mountain walls , as much as the eyes , the green velvet . The side of the boat below the age of cokhajora takalama - nilace water , water with which to clean the bottom of the existence of mossy , rush away wave away the tip dolaya haorajure nacache . Its like driving on the highway in the middle of the sami sami calachi just for the haor . I had to go to a fish enclosure .
Gradually changing the color of the water . From blue , black and green , and dark blue . After 6 hours of continuous paumchalama tanguya the most transparent parts of the haor , the monsoon season from Meghalaya hills are filled with water from an area of ​​approximately 100 km , gradually became dry dhanakhetagulo fresh water bodies . Haor is one of countless bamora at all , transparent water reservoir of water in the concert of their choice .
Tekeraghatera the last frontier in this part of the bad state of the haor . Water down the jalabagana - Trailer bush with one hand at 11 hands tall, has a huge gachao drowning , the sun flash on the front page !
I think when I left the ship without any raft or water repeatedly thaithai bhasache small village . The whole haor border surrounded by trees . There are drowning out the gachao mathatuku blue sea .
The temptation to roam jalabagane impossible to handle . I have a life jacket cariye one of the dive was tupa tupa . We 've gone from dubasamtara dense forest , the legs are involved ayesi trailer , I 'm in the green renu , the bottom of the boat headed up black tar . It has got everything in the light of the sun in the cold !
When we got there biskita cibote cibote paumchalama Lily flower in the garden , looking at the horizon suryata eyes red , his eyes anagona sleep . He was lost in the clouds before we reached tekeraghate .

How can go:

Shyamoli transport from Sunamganj will hire up to 550 . Sunamganj basastyanda up from the dock rikasaya sahebabajara . How to rent a boat for haor tanguya from injinacalita . Rent for each day you take the money . Haore to five - six hours it will take time . Two - rent a boat for three days and will take the necessary bajarasadai . Ratata tahirapura dakabanlote can turn haor police . I take nothing with me , but it will take a life jacket . It is the rainy season the road . Boats will not work in the winter , when you have crossed the river Surma manipurighata tekeraghata from the motorcycle and go haore tanguya . November masajure here to get the water . After the water dries up .


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