Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Surround walls of two and a half thousand year old city walls and the green grass covering . He was going down the fort entrance . Leather side of the river for the city sainyasamantadera arms , ammunition and food at the main gate of Naval bhirata is believed to be . Durge entering the gate next to the stairs . Beye on the stairs in front of the two eyes are juriye melalei mind . Two and a half thousand years of heritage, archaeological ruins standing patterns nagarai was once the capital of Bengal . Jesus Christ hundreds of years before the rise of the city, the ancient name of the pundrabardhana . Maurya , Gupta and Pala period nagarati Mahasthangarh now known as the evolution period .
Various reasons have been considered as Mahasthangarh archaeological and historically important . South Asia is one of the oldest towns pundrabardhana Mahasthangarh fascinate tourists .

The Town of Pundunagor
Dhaka - Rangpur , Bogra highway in the city . 1 km north from the city of gold in the past can be found mahasthanabajara . Mahasthangarh side of the market . Jesus sahasulatana balakhira majarao here. Mahasthangarh across - seem to have many patterns in the period . Khananakajera time coming up from the bottom of the soil in the old brick or piece of stoneware taijasapatrera fraction . Missing statue of debadebira currency . The height of the outer wall 15 to 45 feet from the ground plane . 5 to 10 feet wide and the walls of the fort wall of China .

What to see

Inside the fort there praciraghera pratnayugera patterns . 100 yards north of the fort is the foundation Govinda pratnatattba museum director . The museum contains many ancient artifacts found in the region mahasthanagarasaha . Tickets will be cut . Hazrat Shah Sultan average easternmost balakhi ( ra ) Mazar mahi lessons . The mosque was built at the foot of majarera khristabde 1719 .
There are four kilometers away from the main castle behulara basaraghara . In common with other basaraghara behula - lakhindarera legend . Another six kilometers away from mahasthana pratnayugera bhasubihara patterns .

How to go
The World Bank will go the way of both road and rail . Gold can be reached by train from Dhaka station . ' Rangpur Express ' and ' lalamani Express , the train can name . Rangpur - dinajapuragami can get a bus directly mahasthanagare . Namale caramatha basatarminala ship and get the bus from the city haddipatti basastyanda . It will take five rent money . City dattabari the CNG atorikasaya 15 mahasthanagare hike can be achieved .

Where to stay

Mahasthanagare ratayapanera is not any good . They will choose to stay in a Motel Bogra town , hotel or bungalow . Besithakale budget can nudge carataraka Garden Hotel - A . In the middle of the Budget Motel Travel , redacilisa , hotels sephaoye , narthaoye , siyasta , or akabariya Century Hotel .


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