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Near Dhaka , Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park in Gazipur is introduced . Tigers , lions , elephants , giraffe , zebra - the key there !
 Gazipur -Mymensingh Road cross-roads straight egole tiger market. Mymensingh lion or tiger tiger markets - none of us is not condoned . Tiger - We get to see the lions are left along the narrow path west . Destination to reach approximately three kilometers across . Written on the eyes of the titanic gate of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park in Gazipur. " Inaugurated a few days ago to see the new Safari Park tour from Dhaka .

 Passed the gates shocked at first glance - the key ! Tiger - Lion anyway , Hawk , Kangaroo , there's even a dinosaur ! However, these lifeless , soil , sand , cement bhaskarera tracery on . Field of soft grass , flowers, trees , crystal clear water fountain in the binding . Only the portion of the park , visitors welcome . He welcomed us to the Wildlife Park, Md. supervise . Sarwar Hossain Khan , Mohammad forester . Jahangir Alam park staff. ' Political instability ' of the earlier visitors agree. So Sarwar Hossain , Jahangir alamarao went with our visitors to the forest . We are a group of small left side of the Safari Park .

Gave us a small idea of the park in the meantime, Sarwar Hossain , ' The difference between the zoo and Safari Park , the zoo, the animals are captured and exposed people . Here 's the opposite . Captured animals will be exposed to the people . Here the natural environment and animals in the forest , he is the best . Place over three and a half acres of parks across our country - foreign 31 species of animals . "

 He was an employee of the park invites , " Come , we have to start from Tiger restaurant . " Tigers do not mind the look of the restaurant , the restaurant ' Mama ' s food ' served ' do not want to be ! It was clear the inside , she is not afraid . Tough glass- surround restaurant , size large. Visitors can see the outside of the glass to sip tea cup ' Tiger Safari ' , where lingering baghagulo park . ' Oooi that saw the side , behind the trees . The one right next to it ! " Says one of the park staff .

 Given the railing around the restaurant a little extra space. Another park employee stood dakadaki began , " income ! Calm Calm ! ' Bengali or English , who knows no call , baghera respond ! Royal beast swing enhances legs , we see a fascinating sight ! Clear eyes , six tigers coming from the direction of the forest . Think for a moment , realize that huge of a TV screen to see the care that the National Geographic Channel !

Do not cut amazed katatei taste Sarwar Hossain , cars have come . We fell into a spacious microbus Tiger safaris in press . There are more amazing stock ! We rounded up six tiger legs and feet . Became startled pills ! I gulp and swallow him , I have been given the food ? Sarwar said laughing , ' Today is the day baghadera fast . Their meals are provided as part of the diet is the one day of the week . ' Wow , bagherao ' diet control ' does not know !

We 're told the two lions into two states mamadera . Assuming the ground not far from the kings of the forest surrounding the school's master masaiyera eye looking like a cuff . They could also bring in cars from the dakadaki . And yes , you can sit in the car tiger - lion can talk , you can take pictures , if you can cut the mop ! Only one condition , the windows can not be opened ! Go Sarwar Hossain said , " We have 11 tigers and nine lions . There is a white lion . It has been put in place for the time being to another . "
Then it is seen bear , deer , blesabaka , zebra , African oyaildibista . We have not bothered to go forward slowly . Amir Bahadur had to stop and look belakalike . Two elephant mahout bisaladehi kukila Chakma bidding thukala our peace . Kukila the belakali Amir Bahadur of the two elephants who have more . Puja Rani beads and menstruation . Kukila speak with their strange languages ​​. ' Acchaiye molasses molasses , given the way the outside of the box pulled by two elephants .
 Could not handle the viewing of jiraphagulokeo greed . Photographer taking pictures , we will stand down from the car with him . Kanti Pal giraffe rupana care . He is not afraid to make a move . Four tall giraffe , what they eat ? Rupana said , before he leaves the plantation in Africa . Here are those trees . But here is the choice jiraphara temtulapata and star fruit leaves . It was clear , running activities lambugulora interests .
Gariyatra ended. He is trying to walk.

Macau astanata birds were very impressed . Different species of Macau , with the help of the park staff can also take pictures of the birds sit on the shoulder . But beware ! , Your ears are two myakaoyera hazard can occur if enticing ! Gray pyaratasaha tiyaguloo different species of fascinating watching eye .

Postal gardenatio will fascinate you sure Fensi park . Round Lake. Swann giant Black , White and Colour Fensi dakaguloke with Swann to turn the boat we saw there . Then , one crocodile, vulture , imu birds , ostrich , BoA , guisapa , indian pied hornbill , see various species of turtle ... afternoon . Just the thing to get upset deraya peacock . Many of the area 's huge peacocks, but not a pekhama melala . Go to the dismay of some ghucala madanatakera . Spoke to the photographer with a huge fan of the match , " This is Mister , would come in the picture , but beautiful ! "
The rest of the park is still in the works . Butterfly garden , প্রকৃতিবীক্ষণকেন্দ্র taoyaragulora underway and observation . If you want to relax can visit the Safari Park . Admission . The park is open every day from nine o'clock in the morning until sunset . Leave the bus from Dhaka to Mymensingh tiger market , rickshaw or sienajite straight from the Safari Park . To ensure that , in the eyes of surprise waiting for you in the forehead lift !

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