Friday, 20 December 2013

A few years ago, before Eid , people have questions , what you bought in this Eid ? Now the question is , will you go to your home or, travel anywhere ? Yes , time has changed . Now many of the Eid holiday party means a beautiful place to be homeless .
We are always crazy about traveling . We , I mean me and my husband. Maybe one day off , I started to plan where we are going ? And if it is with friends or family members , then I wonder . Eid holiday last year we went to visit the three hill districts of Bangladesh . Some friends with us . Bandarban , Rangamati and Khagrachari - In the three district plans to turn suddenly , however . Thursday morning we went to the car with the Dhaka district on the way to the left . Since the day of Eid , so the traffic on the highway was not dhakalao . By afternoon we reached Bandarban . Here is a good place to stay milanacharira hilasaida Resort . However, if the danger from without booking .

There was a tinge of apprehension paumchei Eid resort . there is people and people . However, there was food pilau menu - Korma name. This resort is one of the family traveling Mujibur Rahman told the young man , with his car in the morning went to a resort town in Bandarban . He read the Eid prayers . Came to know from the other guests , the breakfast menu was the vermicelli . Wow !
Outside the house , Eid , Eid tinge easing was still everything. Conch restaurant stormwater drainage milanacharira sat afternoon and in the evening we went out to see to see . Jute Nilgiri Bandarban Ruma and pay out the next day went to Kaptai and Rangamati at Chandraghana . Zigzag , wavy wonderful mountain roads ! Girikhada deep down , gets up the hill away from the fog . Hundred percent guarantee to fill the minds of withdrawals . Kaptai reached a small cross in the middle of the ferries . There is a homely hotel in the Kaptai lake with small fish curry for lunch , got rid of the virus .
Rangamati Kaptai Lake, the afternoon started off riding on the boat . Crowd of people everywhere . Most of the family came up with the Eid holiday . Rangamati is playing when they are not cooked chickens conaya pyadatintinye bamboo . The sweep-filled maiden - E domain. And I got to see subhalantao . I did not miss this subhalam sound barrier . The next day we got up early, went to the left side of the UPDF . Khagrachari to Rangamati two hours . Rangamati , Bandarban and Khagrachari town was quite primitive compared . However, the flavor of the city and the surrounding area is quite wild and planting adventure . Alutilara khagaracharite cave we went . Impassable , and the darkness of the cave takes to go head to head in another 0 minute . A fountain flowed through the cave , so bhijabei legs , take off shoes before . Cave - the system name of the city by the end of the adventure , we went to a restaurant to eat at Dhaka .
To celebrate the fact that anyone can visit ancalaguloya hill . There are many places more beautiful than in the country . The monsoon is the best time for traveling in these areas . And so the holiday has barsatei !
As a way of reaching out to the road , chances are he or interesting . On this ride got proof term Bandarban . We had such a fascinating bakatalai shower . Of about three hundred feet high, comes down to the water. Tanachila mind to look at Shunyi . Now that I know , will the White Lake , Keokradong and jadipai shower. There is no need to show greed ! Byagata not saichila higher than the read out .
We got a tour of the rainy season , but there are still jharanaya water . November barbarism can visit any time .
If you want to have fun visiting a theme park roller kostarera Read up cars proposing Chander . Ruma from Bandarban town road past; market thus far . From the White Lake Travel Guide . When we went , the rain, the car was off the road . Now to get the car . A couple of hours of walking we reached the lake white . Rest house is made ​​of wood here . However, a very difficult urban abhabata meat for us , not just lists of chickens for meat . Enjoy the lake laphajhampa eliminating fatigue and the other is in trouble . Pretty night sky past; tarabhara down .
Jadipai journey the next day . Will cause Keokradong Hills. I have stuck to his bhamje bhamje dense clouds , cold air , arranged around the shade of green . Digit ears are nesting , do not know the name konotarai .
I saw people were hatao keokradanyera landscapes . Tops of the surrounding mountains and trees has been little ketechemte . There are two helipyada hanged . There dekko for the rest , a rest house falls .
Let us turn to move . Pasimpara 'll jadipaiparaya become . Less trouble on the way down the stairs , but the risk is higher . There are fears of slippery surface . I was not even during the leech bites . After nearly two hours in the shower match .
Flakes flakes coming down the stairs, climb the falls, white water ga . Washed in the path of the fatigue section . The pasimparaya come back . Pass the night there .
Kacaleo morning broke eyes just could not believe the scene . How I was entered in the clouds ! Then came the head is poetic description , the empty thought someone poured a bowl of white foam head . After a little rest and started off toward bakatalaiyera . Will walk throughout the day. Hemtei walk in the clouds got into . A little after the start of the rain , the sunshine away . Kadamakha , waved across the road in the afternoon at the pomchalama bakatalaiparaya stones . It is such a beautiful photo of this applies to students during the village .
Places to stay in one of the local cell . Must own recipe . Oops ! Training with a sudden come from the mother understood .
Bakatalai morning shower journey . Heard before , this is the way of the remote . The new guide with us . Jungle barely clearing the way for a slender , the other side has gone down the steep canyon . Achara that meal times , it did not count . Have more body poking sharp leaves . Hill worms are taking the fight against us . Anahutadera together prevent . Growing up on the thorn trees poking up once to eat . We walked for about three and a half hours this way . Standing in front of the face of the shower and not phutala . He's not possible for me to describe the scene . But keep in mind chabitei made ​​him prisoner . I could not go near the water stream stones . However setukutei bhareche mind . The time.

How will you go
From there go to Bandarban from Dhaka rumabajara Chander car or local bus . The guide will take rumabajara . Guide rates starting from 1000 , rumabajara food rice with a few good reasons to organize themselves keokradanyera are the foods themselves . Rumabajara from the White Lake . Here is a Rs 00 per Room . Keokradong from White Lake , thence jadipai falls , the night would have jadipaipara or pasimparaya . Pratijane cost of 100 rupees . Bakatalaipara from there . 100 will be in the money . While returning from bakatalaipara Thanchi . Bandarban city bus or car , then Chander .


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