Monday, 23 December 2013

Description of the characters to let us know . Samia , software engineer , mother of four and a half year old son . Reshma , specializing in human resources departments . And I am a little member of a joint family . The link between the three characters is to cross the era of friendship . It was such a exact time in the last year, three daughters thought that need to get out like Gupi-Baga. . We have decided to go to the Samia's grandfathers house at Bogura .

One morning, We started the journey to Bogura. Bus is running . Interval on the way at Food Village . We ate there Parota, Dalvaji and egg with quite fun . By noon we reached Bogura . Now we have to go maliyandanga village by CNG auto rickshaw . There is the grandfather's house of Samia . To the village green - grassy road nice word . We cupakatha ' forward to see the running scene . Digantajure plantation crops , green trees .

We saw Alloys on the way . There is no existence of the poetry's alloys . The section of sorrows, compensating by the road of argil . Now  t u r n  to walk out of CNG . I crossed the pond to my uncle's home infested water hyacinth purple flowers . And quite haihai - rairai expression. Cooking on the stove, was riding on the ground . L. Patty , oil pepper and sweet rice turnover pemyaje treated . They are going to finish the chicken broth and bring to extract the fragrant rice table . Plantations bhaji fresh vegetables , peas and much more. Is sitting at the end of eating . Turn to visit the villages . I went to the Isle afar .
Mahasthangarh went the next day . I quite like the place . One of the oldest relics of the country . Here Maurya , Gupta , Pala , Sena dynasty found lots of patterns . Location Shibganj upazila of Bogra district . Approximately 10 kilometers north of the city . Herd came from fat. This place is known as the behulara basaraghara .
Mahasthangarh bus about two kilometers from the south - west of a bauddhamurti , which was built by Emperor Ashoka is considered . The height of approximately 45 feet . There are no major caubaccasadrsa a snanagharao eastward 4 . Were the Archaeological Museum . The average age of the restoration mahasthana here have different patterns . Two more at the front of the tea shop in the us behulara basaragharera . Excellent drink names . From bus stand to the west of Hazrat Shah Sultan Mahmud mahasthana balakhira ( ra ) could not be excluded in Mazar Sharif . Here satabarsi a tree suddenly remembered the Band movie about the tree . Turn back at the end of the day to roam around the small building in the village . Pranakhola some of the people who live in the house . Most people recognize that the tender was involved - victims strangers . So we are looking at the stars in the sky billion at the end of the day the three friends said Bangladesh 's name .


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