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How did the discovery of another covered outlandish ? How he had made ​​a map of the capital of the new players ? Iqbal Hossain Chowdhury reports Where goods excluding shipping groove ? Where is the better book store? Stow delicate match any restaurant ? You can not reply to mix up the ball early householders even in Dhaka . In this case , the capital outlandish tourists anyway , Even ' Dhakaiya ' may rely derao ' diging Dhaka . City map will help you find the right thing to the right of the city to find just the thing to help map karabedhakabasike perfectly . Will surprise you even more when you know , ' Mystery of the shopping , dining, map , known as the ' diging Baby 's creator is a foreigner . How to fly from New York and Laura bonapace far brought fingertips fifty- lane Dhaka bahanna Market ? How did the dive gahine Fiction ?
Digging Dhaka
One of the questions that the American club larara khumjatei face . When time came to Dhaka ? Memorial to remember the larake hatarate . " What 94 year ... 1993 . I went to see the one we have . " My one friend had a wedding party in Dhaka. We went to the Sundarbans services . ' Is his sister-in-law after the bandhui . Larake was fascinated by the world 's largest mangrove forest . But do not know him soon enamored with the People of Dhaka more . Laura left the family to pursue Him Swapnanagar alleged to be the Dhaka city . Nadeem Chaudhry's marriage with the son of Bangladesh in 1994 . Laura with her ​​husband migrated to Dhaka after a couple of years .   Fiction gahine Bangladesh and the United States , let alone the two countries in the world map . However, by the end of the interval is simply the distance , with all the bumps on the head of the family began shipping buy Laura bonapace . Too close to home, dear husband was the sole exception of the capital phiga pet cat . ' Then it was time to land . That call enormous turmoil abroad . There is room to land . Once they pulled the dead three days . My mother - father Understanding the situation . Dhaka generator still has not come home to . My little girl bathing karacchi , shedding ... what 's the rush is all that ! ' Have a difficult time . But Laura did not ranebhanga . Slowly - slowly getting his cover . One of the best design in the School of Communication graphic design degree from Pratt Institute . Study MBA in marketing and bijnapanabidyaya . Enjoy the world famous cosmetics company rank and bhyanitipheyara Magazine and rebhalana work experience. In all the developed world were calling , fights larake . But forget that Laura was settled in Dhaka . Ayadakame started his advertising agency in Dhaka . Then phrilyansarera life. Fiction English Daily Holiday - worked to create new designs . The New Age newspaper , was the first designer to start . Products , publications - have such different things design . Fiction tourists had already started thinking of making a map . The work began in 007 . ' Digim Baby ' Girlfriend earn Rahman advised the longer form . Almost six months after exertion is printed ' digim Baby 's First Edition . " I think all the people in the capital are in the mood at the festival .... This map, so I 've tried to keep a sparkling festive spirits .... Map of colorful , sparkling lake or the next , there's a bright green .... It 's my daughter's intelligence. " Says Laura . However, the work does not end with just the design , but a boutique , restaurant and shopping malake bujhesune their services to ensure the list is itself came before . Walk - each tried to turn Lanes - tasya lane. Call each number by itself to ensure communications are not what they are doing . This is going to be a bitter experience to roam ?  " I'm in a restaurant . I kind of ugly smut dhukatei nabe is in the door . The restaurant darajatei this stage , what is their rasuighare ! Resturentatake I have omitted from the list . ' These have been added to the map carefully and try to really work . Laura says , " Even Google maps may just cenate place , but the market - not to say the quality of purchase . Every now and then the new shopping mall in Dhaka . Please note that if you look a little something special to the eyes of all the shopping malerai . ARA Centre and Rapa Plaza , Dhanmondi kameez and sarees makes for a better . Orchard Point in the same area for mobile phone . Again Rifles Square ( Frontier Square ) in the CD or DVD . Locations as well as some of the advice we have tried to look at the map . " Larara map embassies , foreign currency exchange , universities , art gallery , club , airports , hotels , restaurants , hospitals , Books - DVD shop , saloon , shop - has been divided into several categories such sthapanaguloke . May have been picked up all over the place , so you can not easily find anywhere . Larara with the ' digim Baby ' has done the editing and marketing Negro Rahman of Bangladesh . Was released with great no hulusthula . But were four versions ' digim Baby ' gently - slowly became a great job of city map for foreigners . Planet of the world famous travel website Trip Advisor ( , where a user writes about the map , ' gelabare Dhaka tour I received a jeweled look . The ' digim Dhaka . Has done a great thing ! " This user is a foreigner . The ' digim Baby ' originally Gulshan , Banani , Baridhara , Dhanmondi and Multan in area . How does this map could be helpful to all people in Dhaka ? Larara replies , " You 're in a place does not necessarily mean that you know the place very well . Many banladesii told me , " digim Baby " saved them from a lot of trouble . ' If you want to get people interested in the map E - mail can be addressed -diggin.dhaka @ Laura bonapace several years were settled in Dhaka . His recent work in the design of Gulshan Japanese Restaurant ijumira diets . It won the American Graphic Design Awards , Summit International ayaoyardasaha four - four international awards. He said with a little humility , so much Bengali as good as the day it was too much learning has not happened . If you can read and understand a lot longer . There is a very difficult conversation . The only daughter of her family larara happiness . Baby looks now ? Larara Answers - " Good and evil are very near and dear to me Together III . In New York - e . ' Enact Earth - or better , with all the aspects ? Laura came to the end of discussion , the city has a glorious past, with the endless possibilities of the same . '


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