Saturday, 31 August 2013

NafakhumOmiyakhum/ Satvaikhum waterfalls, Bandarban

That night I'll remember in my whole life, really life is beautiful! The name of the place was Jinapara, on the way of Omiyakhum. To go Omiyakhum you have to across the Rocky river from Thanchi to Remakkri. The small pieces of stone which is spread down the river is such a beautiful thing that even the pearl is nothing in front of these. You will get Tindu in the way. If I say that Bandarban is the heaven of Bangladesh, then Tindu is the capital of that heaven. The next place of Tindu is Raja Pthor region. The awesome rock state is pujaniya to their Local residents. After crossing this way next is Nafakhum and then the Jinapara In this way. We have reached Jinapara in the afternoon. The next morning, we started journey for Omiyakhum.

You have to cross few hills on the way to the Omiyakhum from Jinapara. After 40 minutes walk with shaking feet down a steep hill you will entered in the dense forest. There are lots of round stone walls in front of us, the noisy green water flows through in it. Here and there accumulated the water and created in the form of water legune(lake).The huge fish groups are swimming  very lazily in the clear water of the legune, they do not have any hasty, they do not have the reminder to go anywhere. Our guide said, these are nothing, Omiyakhum is on the left and the Satvaikhum is on the right. Once you will be there your head will move around to see the beauty. The hills contour structures are entirely different besides the Omiyakhum, gathered big staircase after staircase of the fountain. After reaching there you will be astonished, in front of your eyes you will see the most beautiful places of Bandarban.
Nafakhum Waterfalls

How to go:

Dhaka­ to Chittagong  (by road/ by air).
­Then Chittagong to Bandarban by road. Then directly go to the Thanci. From Thanci to remakri you have to go by boat. After that walking is the only way to reach Omiyakhum and Satvaikhum. On the way you will get Nafakhum and then Jinapara. Don’t forget to take rope, life jacket and food with you. You can returned by the way of Paddhamukh. In this way you will reach Thanci early.
There you’ll get tour packages and also guide. Tour packages will be BDT(2500 to 3500)


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