Friday, 23 August 2013

KhoyyaChora Waterfalls: First, We have to go MirerSorai Boro Dorgah. Its near to Chittagong. To  reach there you can take bus, CNG operating auto rickshaw and other vehicle. From MirerSorai Boro Dorgah waking is the only way to reach the waterfalls. It can take around 30 minutes. The waking way also beautiful but you can see the real beauty very little from here.

If you want to stay, hotel Saimon is there. There is lots of  beautiful places in Chittagong. If you want to visit, you can also stay in Chittagong Town.

Hotels in Chittagong Town:

Golden Inn

Station Road,Chittagong

Hotel Asia

Station Road, Chittagong.

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