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Cox's Bazar: Cox’s bazar is the longest sea beach of the world and one of the most beautiful and attractive place in Bangladesh for tourist. There is longest sandy beach miles after miles along with huge bush garden(local name is Jhaw Bagan). There is also hilltop circuit house, radar station, rakhain pagodas and Burmese market. On the beach visitors can found various kinds of stones, snail, oyster, starfish, jellyfish and the beautiful small scorpions.Everyday lots of tourist coming here from different parts of the world. 
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The name Cox’s Bazar comes from the name of Captain Hiram cox (died in 1799). He was an officer of the British East India Company. ­­­­The length of the Cox's bazar is around unbroken 125 km. The total area of the cox’s bazaar town is 6.85 km It is situated 150 km south of Chittagong port. The ancient name of the Cox’s bazar was pengwa. Before that the name was palongkee.

Once who visited the Cox’s bazar he/she will never forget the stunning beauty of the cox’s bazaar. It has a total combination of hill, bush garden, golden sandy beach, lots of natural creatures, the Bay of Bangle. Visitors can get there lots of good quality hotels along side of beach and also lots of delicious sea food.

Enjoy the city of Cox's Bazar , southeastern Bangladesh with all the makings of an ideal destination in summer , sandy Beach and coconut palms and the sun rays and tropical atmosphere .
Where is the city beach , which stretches for more than 120 kilometers ( 74.5 miles ), the longest natural beach in the world.

Many believe , it can compete with other coastal tourist destinations in the region , such as the cities of Pattaya in Thailand and Gali in Sri Lanka.

The Bangladeshi Government attaches to those tropical paradise of great importance , so they developed within the new plan through which aims to put the state on the world tourism map . As the Bangladeshi government to reap the state more than five billion dollars (3.17 billion pounds ) from tourism during the next ten years , and by attracting a larger number of domestic and foreign tourists .

Since nearly two decades ago , Cox's Bazar was just a quiet coastal town often attract the Bengalis who are looking for escape from the noise and pollution that suffer from it in the big cities like Dhaka and Chittagong .

However, that land area all changed to witness the emergence of hundreds of hotel buildings and high - rise residential buildings and restaurants.
And overlooking the main coast itself, dozens of shops selling souvenirs , toys and clothing in addition to fast food restaurants.
As the city is booming urban , where they are also the establishment of hotels and restaurants in every region of this city, in addition to the coastal areas.

Bengal Tourism Minister Faruk Khan said in a statement to the BBC: "We are working now to create a highway along the coastline stretching from the town of Cox's Bazar until the city Tknaf , as we have issued instructions not to create any building on the south side of the coastal road . And that is the way in which we will judge by those infringements Urban . "

The government aims to increase the number of foreign tourists doubled , to reach their numbers to a million visitors by the year 2021, which will provide , in accordance with what the government says , nearly half a million jobs.
However, the influx of more tourists will undoubtedly increase the pressure that the city where reconstruction companies will work on the search for new sites evaluated by other establishments.

Tourist attractions near the town:
  • Aggmeda Khyang 
  • Ramu
  • Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park: 
  • Inani Beach
  • Maheshkhali
  • Sonadia Island
  • Teknaf
  • St. Martin's Island
  • Bandarban
  • Rangamati
  • Himchhari


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