Thursday, 27 March 2014

Brackish water crocodile giving egg in the high mountain. Lots of People are gathering there to see the crocodile's play. In the Remote hill district of Bandarban 'Naiksyanchari' on the mountains ghumdhum  built a crocodile breeding centre in the 25 acres of land named "Akij Wild Life Firm Limited".

When we visiting there in the Monday afternoon saw walking hundreds of crocodiles on the farm in high mountain . Bank of the lake down the hill - the eyes of a crocodile . Eggs are one of the farm workers , some kumirake feeding chickens . Tourists traveling from a safe distance tulachilena esaberai images .

Farm project director Anwar Hossain said , brought from Malaysia, 50 in 010 of these projects start out with salt water crocodiles . 31 of 50 female crocodiles croc farm . Now that the wife has kumirera the eggs hatch has over 100 children .

Officials farm , June 15, 4 pm eggs has only a kumirai . A further 14 female crocodiles are waiting to spawn . Crocodile eggs together until 30 to 50 hours . Still, once a year . During spawning the crocodile came up ashore and form a nest with spinach . Then the eggs home . Save the project was to collect eggs from prajananakendre employees . Then the child is depicted eggs with electric means of heat . It takes 80 to 90 days the young hatch in about three months. The croc after 1 year of farm employees .

Also it became known that the 10 -year- old female crocodile eggs are perfect . The child's age is two years to identify the unknown . Crocodile brackish water savings of up to a maximum of 100 years .
Sumon Miah said the crocodile keeper , chicken and minced beef and baraguloke once a day once a week the children are given to eat . One - one and a half kilograms of meat or fish is required . The adult is not allowed to eat kumirake more . If you eat more extra body fat accumulation croc . The wife can not kumirera eggs .

Project director Anwar Hossain said the country's largest commercial purposes prajananakendra this crocodile has been made ​​. There have been at the cost of Rs seven crore . When six years of age will be eligible to sell baby croc . This croc is much in demand in Europe . Each child will be sold offline at the crocodile .

In addition to the bird park and butterfly park project being built around the individual . There are plans to produce a mini- zoo with wild animals , he said. Come see the mountains and the lake water crocodiles free environment dilasada tourists Moghbazar , Dhaka Begum and Mansur Alam said , when I saw it in remote mountain daurajhampa croc was filled with water .

From the city of Cox's Bazar ( Bazar - Teknaf on the road ) , about 40 km south sampracarakendra Ukhiya television . Approximately two kilometers to the east side of the mountain can be achieved by sending the crocodile project . Ramu is going to become . Ramu and Ramu in Cox's Bazaar just 0 km away from the headquarters of more than 50 kilometers away naiksyanchari . The extent to which the front naiksyanchari prajananakendra egolei Crocodile . Cox made ​​the journey in the morning and come back in the afternoon again saw prajananakendra .


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