Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Tarua Island: After many toil we was reached at the wake up island in the south of Bangladesh. In English it is called Virgin sea beach. The day was last 12 September at 9am. The whole beach was shining by the sunlit of the morning. In the away fishing trawlers are looked like black dots. In the behind the caraway Forest welcome us by shake up in the air. This smooth sea beach is the unprecedented creation of the nature. Legs are not getting debased when walking on the ground of the beach, not even a little.

Stiff sandy beach four - five kilometers long . Hour walk to another corner of the sheet is prolonged .
Arrow in the morning on that day due to low tide - was not wetting the waves . The gentle breeze. Sesabhadrera turbid water . During the winter, the water is more transparent . The colors are light blue .
Some of the top beaches in the kamtaoyala natagacha . Between the forest and the beach filled with caraway vast field of grass . Purple flowers in ceremonies dholakalamira jerk . Cows - buffalo herd . Far away from the sea into the limpid air made ​​the book to fill . Spread on the beach near the water - are scattered in sea water flooded logging , wood pieces , glass bottles , plastic cans , foam , etc. . Do not like to draw any of these occur, the evidence is that they are coming here for a long time .
Side - nowhere near the settlements there . East , west and south of the Bay of Bengal jalarasi unfathomable . Just a few kilometers north of the mangrove forest. Fishermen come from Pirate fishing around the islands and beaches of the people do not know much . Caraway wake forest underfoot samudrasaikatake locals know this as taruya Island .

Farooq told the boatman to bring us ciniye , Guest thousands of beach birds during the winter have been vocal in kakalite . Less water than the length of the beach - the width is increased . Became more than a kilometer into the ocean up to the spies .
Sarbadaksinera from Bhola Sadar Upazila caraphyasana distance of about 60 kilometers. There is a distance of 80 kilometers from Chittagong Patenga beach . Local fishermen go off without a naval patrol to haunt this side of the island . They know the island as spies Satyen .
This part of the Bay, numerous small - big dbipasadrsa Pirate aroused. However, this is simply the slope of the shelf south of the island , except the existence of an island beach is not yet known . According to local fishermen , the island in the water at any time of the year is on the floor . However, floods , cyclones and other natural disasters Marine - mentioned disasters .
In February, the elite few journalists and visiting dignitaries to picnic out about this beach . They told him , it's like a beautiful sea beach Cox's Bazar . Another feature of the Kuakata beach here can be seen from the view of sunrise and sunset .
Once I 've forgotten last May . The first of these beaches can learn from the local people . Thinking about going there ever since . But there is no way to forget the people of the city and could batalate provisions . However, the area is very remote and jaladasyukabalita , they gave him the news .
Bhola district Saiful Khandaker Rahman said he heard taruya beach , but never did . He said that the area is safe to just sitakalei . Another time travel becomes hazardous due to rough sea . For without it , offshore , inland transportation Bay - Crossing Charter is required . The Charter does not have any vehicles nauyanerai here .
Bangladesh Tourism Corporation Chairman Maqsudul Hasan said , Bhola said he does not know of any sea beach . Some of them did not inform the district administration in this regard .
MV Tipu port city on the evening of September 10 -4 launches get up . Govinda responsible journalists with friends . Caraphyasana destination . Walked 30 kilometers from the motorcycle elite sarbadaksinera naughata kacchapiyaya deliver . Launch or engines of small boats from the Bay of Bengal to the spies and the island . Kukarimukari Char , Char patila , dhalacara , Char Nizam etc. to the island, the only shortcoming . We get up dhalacaragami a small launches . Ie , dhalacarera is absolutely right up to the beach . Meghna River approximately 30 kilometers to the way we deliver dhalacara lancaghate through the afternoon about three o'clock .
Located at the northern end of the island dhalacara lancaghata and markets . Come here to talk with local people know , there are two ways to the southern end of the island . A walk through the forest , one engine boat . Rains and impassable because of the way we have chosen the second option .
After eating lunch , we took a jelenauka taruya run yaoyaracesta . But fail . The fishermen did not understand , exactly where we want to go . When they found out we 'd go to the southern end of the island , they said , then go away and come back again as there is oil in their boat . Again , therefore, had to cancel their journey .
Getting a boat at the pier in the morning we were leaving hemtei . In that case will go taruya . I started asking people to take guided .
Although some of the settlements at the north side dhalacarera banajangale daksinata Dhaka. After proceeding to the extent seen in one place is pretty big for a canal. Many fishing trawlers canal . Several cushion bank fish . Meghanaya fishermen sell the fish .
Gadira the help of the people found in a fishing boat to bring us to turn taruya . We have a total of three more assistants to his boat without oar Faruk six . After a while the boat through small canals and huge meghanaya we read. Reach the beach after hour .

How to go:
There are caraphyasana launch from Dhaka to navigate . Easy to travel by road from there to kacchapiya . By boat or engine can be launched from kacchapiya dhalacara . Taruya boat from there . And this beach can be reached by boat . So before going to speak with boatmen .


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