Thursday, 13 February 2014

Different flavors of dishes arranged in a nine floor building . Different styles of sitting on the different floor . Introduced a mermaid Cafe in a new form. In 22 november opened a new form of  mermaid cafe in the capitals just beside the main street of Progoti Soroni, Baridhara. Surfer Zafar  Alam cut the ribbon with guests .
In Cox has mermaid Resort and Restaurant . The Gulshan Dhaka - Bangladesh is going in another restaurant called Mermaid Cafe . Let's start the new event at Baridhara . The house has mermaid Bakery & Pastry Shop on the ground floor. The second and third are in the bottom of the new gimmicks , which will be inaugurated next month. The main office is at the bottom of the fourth marameida Resort reservations . The fifth floor has been kept in the painting of the artist Ronnie Graham , also can be purchased .
Starting from the sixth floor held the food . Order will be made ​​in front of you after the meal . Marameida Gallery Cafe at the bottom of the seventh and eighth . Hell will freeze the food to taste . Separate sitting here in the lobby . Ruphatape ninth floor ( roof ) will be startled to read . Uthalei up stairs marameida Beach Cafe . Feet below the solid brick - not stones . But has kept the sand , giving the feeling of beach . This will sit you dubiyei balute table legs . Light lamps - amdharite hurricane or candle light dinner sitting arrangement can surprise loved ones .
Leave the main road and the entrance to the house after marameidera get different effect. Will walk over the wooden stairs . Dhukei in wood , rope , etc., on the walls of the furniture will look as well at the paintings have jhulate . Use a piece of wood has different levels andarasajjate silinyera empty areas . Marameidera sales and marketing officer, rexine damenika Gomez said, " There simply marine diet . We have put together some of the country's more fun to eat . In addition, the branch remains popular around the world phlebharera some coffee and pizza . "
During the night from 11 pm to 1 am, seven days a week in the open for everyone .


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